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• 1/7/2019
Which Mega Man 11 Robot Master are you?
Which Mega Man 11 Robot Master are you? Quotev
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• 11/7/2018

Shadow Armor is a Mix of weapons

I'm kinda surprised that I only noticed recently that Shadow Armor is a Mix of a bunch of concepts already seen before in the MMX series, it's basic shot is the Crescent shot in it's uncharged state. The hyper jump being just Hyoroga. It's fully charged slash uses C-Swords graphics. It's imune to spikes like Gaea armor. And even it's Giga attack is similar to Boomerang cutters when fully charged

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• 10/26/2018

Why is Vava/Vile called 'VAVA V' in artwork related to Rockman/MegaMan X8?

I'd like to open this up for discussion: why is Vava/Vile called 'VAVA V' in the official artwork for X8? If it means that he is now the 5th mark/version of Vava, when did he become Vava mk. III and Vava mk. IV? We only know of original Vava from X1 and Vava mk. II from X3. On the other hand, is VAVA the name of his series of Reploids from factory and he's been VAVA designation V (i.e. 5) from the very beginning? I'm more inclined to believe the latter, that he's always been VAVA V and that there are other VAVA models with different numbers out there (or there were at some point), but most people I've talked with seem to think it just means that Vile is now VAVA mk. V. What do you all think?

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• 10/13/2018

Wait megaman collection legacy collection 1 +2 is bad or good?

i've heard some weird critical about '' card '' but i wonder , if is great or fun to play

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• 10/5/2018

Live-Action Mega Man Movie is Coming! Are you optimistic or fearing the worst?
Mega Man Live-Action Movie Officially Announced by Capcom
Mega Man Live-Action Movie Officially Announced by Capcom MovieWeb
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• 10/2/2018

collection legacy is good?

i feel kinda want to know if is good

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• 9/30/2018

What was Vile originally built to be?

In 'MegaMan X', Zero mentions that Vile "is designed to be a war machine." In 'MegaMan Maverick Hunter X', the manual mentions that Vile has irreparable damage to his electronic brain that makes him psychopathic and violent. So what was Vile built to do? And how did he receive that damage? Was that due to a defect in the process of being manufactured, or was there some kind of accident? Why is he allowed to be a Hunter (and not replaced) if something is known to be wrong with him? As Vile tells Armored Armadillo, "Pity!? Don't pity me! You don't know anything about me!" There is definitely a bigger backstory to Vile that hasn't been fully revealed yet, but there definitely are some clues.

Personally, I take Zero's words literally and assume he was built to be a military Reploid, the 21XX equivalent of a Sniper Joe, rather than a Maverick Hunter. That would also explain why he carries such ridiculously bloated levels of firepower, even in comparison to other Hunters: he's designed to be a one-robot-army. It would further explain why he's not too bothered by loss of human life, because even if his electronic brain was working properly, as a war Reploid he would probably be expected to cause some degree of collateral damage due to the conditions of war. Under this theory, because of his defect Vile was taken off the battlefield, but Sigma may have taken pity on him and believed that he could be rehabilitated somewhat under his supervision and allowed him to join the Maverick Hunters.

This would position Sigma as a sort of father figure to Vile, a dynamic we see play out in 'MegaMan Maverick Hunter X': Vile initially expected Sigma to scold him rather than ask him to join his cause (the former seemingly being a common occurrence for Vile), and Sigma has high expectations of Vile but is subsequently disappointed by Vile's 'misbehavior' in Vile's ending. Additionally, as a Reploid of a type which may have been mass-produced (and a defective model) Vile may therefore harbor his extreme animosity for X because X is unique and "special" whereas according to this theory Vile was not made to be special, being part of a line, and is only "special" in all the wrong ways. Even though Vile seems to be the only of his model among the Hunters, deep down he knows he's just another manufactured Reploid soldier regardless, one who's faulty, expendable, and easily replaced. Vile therefore feels he must constantly prove his worth to himself and the world, something Hunters of his rank usually don't worry about, and rebels against authority (the Hunters and esp. Sigma) like an angry teenager lashing out. It also explains why he seeks Sigma's approval in other instances, like in MegaMan X8; Sigma may be the only person whose respect he may be able to earn. Zero, having been a "maverick" not unlike himself who worked his way up to be an SA-class Hunter, is someone whom Vile probably views most as a rival and the main person with whom Vile competes and to whom he compares himself.

What I like about this theory is it grounds Vile's hatred of X (and to a lesser extent Zero and Sigma) in the harsh truths of his life. X is the child with the silver spoon, whereas Vile was manufactured to be a single unit of a line of war machines and he doesn't even function properly. He's good at blowing things up and stands out in that department, but that's all he's good at. He doesn't even identify with his fellow high-level Hunters; after all, there's only one Chill Penguin, Sting Chameleon, etc.; even Zero, his main rival in the SA-class, is a unique model. The reason for his especially strong dislike of Storm Eagle is that he, like all the other special Hunter models in Vile's view, takes his combat superiority for granted and in Storm Eagle's case moral superiority as well. So of course Vile has the biggest chip on his shoulder; he has the most to prove! It also explains why he's so hung up on ranks; having a high rank reassures his ego that he's better than low-rankers like X and the mass-produced fodder models that make up the bulk of the Hunters. All of a sudden, Vile's behavior, especially in 'MegaMan Maverick Hunter X', makes a ton more sense. Vile wants to "change the world" because he NEEDS to believe he can change the world, because otherwise he's just a defective toy solider to be replaced and forgotten the minute he becomes either too disobedient or worse at blowing stuff up than the new VAVA on the block.

But this is just a theory. What do you all think? What about alternative plausible theories? Do you have additional information that could help to illuminate the truth of Vile's mysterious past?

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• 9/25/2018

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• 9/12/2018

Meagan 11 Demo Enemy name

Hello, I was playing the demo of Megaman 11 on my Switch, and I would like to know the name of the following enemy.
Post image
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• 9/11/2018


Have any of the admins considered adding Badges to the wiki? It would be cool to see how they would be customized in a Mega Man style.
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• 9/11/2018

Predicting the Robot Master weaknesses for Mega Man 11

What do you all think would be the weakness for each of the 8 robot masters in Mega Man 11? Here is my prediction:

Block Man:Chain Blast (Bombs are used to demolish stone bricks)

Fuse Man:Bounce Ball (rubber is a poor conductor of electricity)

Blast Man:Scramble Thunder (an electric spark can set off a bomb)

Tundra Man:Blazing Torch (heat melts ice)

Acid Man:Block Dropper (stone bricks are resistant to acid corrosion)

Torch Man:Tundra Man's special weapon (melted ice can cause severe damage to a robot's circuitry)

Impact Man:Acid Man's special weapon (acid can melt nails)

Bounce Man:Pile Driver (sharp objects can puncture rubber)
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• 8/17/2018

Doctor Wily is a Hero to Robots

Doctor Wily rescued robot masters from the scrapheap in Mega Man 9, instead having them revolt against their human masters.

Instead of reprogramming Protoman when he was vunerable, he instead fixed and upgraded him, resulting in Break Man.

Wily, Light, and Cossack were some of the only humans to create multiple unique robot masters; Light was Labcoat Santa-Claus, Cossack was reclusive, and Wily was mistrusted, snubbed, and slightly insane. Out of these three, which would be the most likely to take up villainy to save his creations?

The First Annual Robotics Tournament, which would have robot masters kill each other to entertain humans, was stopped by Wily. If Wily only wanted the warbots, he would have never used his alternate persona (Mr. X) to take over the world, resulting in further Tournaments. After all, he did sponsor them!

Some will cry 'Maverick Virus', but there is one problem with that: Sigma, the primary antagonist of the X series, is the primary vector of the virus. He is able to modify it to his whims only after the first few X games, resulting in mindless machines instead of intelligent individuals. We can clearly see intelligent mavericks in the first game, where they actually talk to you, but this is not found in most of the later games.

Wily is, first and foremost, a scientist. He isn't a 'mad' scientist either, just a good one. He does not alter universal laws to his whims until Zero, and that's after many, many defeats. People do not succeed in science in the pursuit of glory, power, or fame, but for knowledge and the ability to say 'we can do that'; doctor Wily would never have been able to invent anything if he openly defied the law, and he specializes in machinery and artificial intelligence. If he created something illegal/dangerous, then the surrounding area would soon know.

This evidence suggests that Wily is not some evil conqueror, but someone who will play the villain in order to protect someone: robot masters. After all, we clearly see that Light and Cossack view robot masters as people, but how many other humans do so? It is quite possible that many of them view robot masters as mindless machines.

TL;DR: Wily is a villain because Robot Masters were persecuted and he was enough of a dick to choose intelligent machines over his own
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• 8/15/2018

OK, so just wondering...

In Mega Man Zero 3, Omega was the "original" Zero, but during the battle with Omega, he and Zero have the same sprite! Is anyone going to explain this?
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• 8/6/2018

Are Maddy, Count Zapp and Mr. Match in Megaman NT Warrior similar to the Team Rocket trio?

Aren't Maddy, Count Zapp and Mr. Match in the Megaman NT Warrior anime similar to Jessie, James and Meowth from the Pokémon anime?
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• 7/16/2018

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