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The world of Ōkami in Worlds Unite.

Ōkami is an action-adventure video game developed by Clover Studio and published by Capcom. It was first released for PlayStation 2 in 2006. The game tells the story of the sun goddess Amaterasu in her quest to save the land. Amaterasu appears alongside Mega Man characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

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When Sigma revives several Mavericks in Worlds Unite and sends them to different worlds to set an Unity Engine, Blizzard Wolfang goes to Kamiki Village in the world of Ōkami. Sally Acorn and Wood Man arrive to help, also noting its pristine nature, but before they can do anything, they see Amaterasu defeat Blizzard Wolfang with Divine Retribution and a Power Slash. After talking with Amaterasu and Issun, they join the heroes in their fight against Sigma.




Characters that appeared in Mega Man related media.

  • Issun - A very small humanoid traveling artist that accompanies Amaterasu.

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