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Σ Limited (Sigma Limited) is a copy of Sigma who becomes the final enemy in Rockman X Mega Mission 3.


Sigma Limited looks similar to Enemice-HL, but with Sigma's head and some other body differences, these being different shoulder pads, torso and legs.

His most prominent feature however, are his "Saber Nails", his main weapon. Which consists of lightsaber type energy beams on his fingertips, which he can use to attack his enemies at close range, or shoot energy beams from.


Rockman X Mega Mission 3: VS Hyper Limited


X using the Double X-Buster attack

When Enemice HL uses the Sigma Chip to try to obtain Sigma's power, he instead has his mind overwritten by Sigma, becoming a copy of Sigma himself. Sigma Limited claims that despite being a copy, his desire to destroy X and Zero is nothing short of genuine as he attacks the Hunters. Zero decides to take on Sigma Limited by himself in his X Armor, making his hate for Sigma clear. He holds his own against Sigma Limited for a while, but the copy suddenly decides to attack X, tricking Zero into taking a deadly blow for his friend, rendering him unconscious.

Zero's portion of Return X's power then separates from his body and rejoins the other half already held by X, thus completing the All X Armor. X combines his power with Return X to use the Double X-Buster attack, completely obliterating Sigma Limited at the cost of depleting all of X's energy. Return X dissolves from X's body, having converted his own body and essence to energy for X to fire.


  • This marks the first of only two times that X and Zero have fought a copy of Sigma in place of the real one, the second time in the form of Copy Sigma.