4 Roader (4ローダー 4 Rōdā), shortened to Roader outside Japan, is a four wheeled Roader from Mega Man: Battle & Chase that resembles a car with eyes. They are one of three standard enemy racers in the game, the others being Truck Joe and Yellow Devil. 4 Roaders participate of the Battle & Chase contest every year, but they never won a race. Not having weapons doesn't help matters.

Black 4 Roader

"Battle with us!"
—Black 4 Roader

Black 4 Roader (ブラック4ローダー Burakku 4 Rōdā), shortened to Black Roader outside Japan, is an alternate variety of 4 Roader from Mega Man: Battle & Chase that is part of a group called the Black Troop.

Other media

Black 4 Roaders appeared in the manga Mega Man Gigamix as a disguise used by Dr. Wily and his robots to enter the Battle & Chase competition. After Bass (Black 4 Roader No. 2) ruins his disguise to go after Mega Man, Dr. Wily (Black 4 Roader No. 1, also called Black Leader) decides to reveal himself. The other members are Junk Man (No. 3), Burst Man (4), and Freeze Man (5), but unlike Dr. Wily and Bass, they don't have a vehicle under their disguises, being unable to continue the race after revealing themselves.

One 4 Roader appeared in the Rockman Battle & Chase manhua alongside Yellow Devil to lead the racers to Dr. Wily's secret course.

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