Mega Man Model A using A-Trans to attack Chronoforce as Buckfire in Mega Man ZX Advent

A-Trans (Aトランス A Toransu),[1][2] also known as A-Trance,[1] is an ability of Axl that appeared in the Mega Man X series. By defeating powerful enemies with his Copy Shot, Axl absorbs their DNA into himself, allowing him to access a new form and its powers, albeit at a somewhat limited scale. Axl uses a copy chip in order to use A-Trans, typically on a timer, and as the energy runs out, he reverts to normal.

In the Mega Man ZX series, Biometal Model A has a similar A-Trans (トランスオン Trans-On in Japan) ability in Mega Man ZX Advent.

Mega Man X series

Mega Man X7

Enemy Transform? Attacks Description
(ブロックエイプ Burokkueipu)
No Replenish random amount of life.
(バウンディング Baundingu)
Yes Square (mid-air): Shoot electric spark Invincible while still. Does not fight back.
Crash Roadster
(クラッシュローダー Kurasshu Rōdā, lit. "Crash Roader")
No Increases speed of movement.
(フライヤー Furaiyā)
Yes Square: Shoot buster shots Glide down from a jump. Long gliding distance.
(メットールS Mettōru S)
No Creates a shield in front of you.
(ムシャロイド Musharoido, lit. "Musharoid")
Yes Square: Slash combo Cuts through electric walls with rapid attack.
(ペーストガンナー Pēsutogan'nā)
No Increases shooting speed.
Quick Boots
(キューンB Kyūn B, lit. "Kyuun B")
No Increases speed of movement.
(レーダーロイド Rēdāroido, lit. "Radarroid")
No Creates a shield in front of you.
(ルインズマン Ruinzuman)
Yes Square: Throw boulder Guards against damage from spikes and rocks.
(ランナーボム Rannābomu)
Yes Square: Throw bomb
Triangle: Roll bomb
Protects against bombs.
Skelebat (バットンボーン Batton Bōn, lit. "Batton Bone") No Skelebats bombard the enemy.

Mega Man X8

Enemy DMG[1] Boss DMG[1] Location Description
(ガードロイド Gādoroido)
4 3 Several stages Axl throws bombs and can salute other Guardroids.
(ローラーロイド Rōrāroido)
4 3 Primrose Axl can move on spikes and shoot in three directions.
(スカイロイド Sukairoido)
4 3 Inferno Axl is able to hover.
(スフィアロイド Sufiaroido)
4 3 Booster Forest Axl becomes a small sphere able to enter short passages.

Mega Man X: Command Mission

Axl utilizes DNA Change (DNAチェンジ) as his Action Trigger. Unlike the main games, Axl can transform into a boss rather than an ordinary enemy.

Image Boss Command Description
Wild Jango
Wild Jango
(ワイルドジャンゴー Wairudo Jangō)
Performs Wild Jango's "Rolling Assault", a thunder-elemental attack that causes between 1x and 2x damage.
Mad Nautilus (マッドノーチラス Maddo Nōchirasu) GameCube:
Performs Mad Nautilus' "Mad Cocktail", inflicting the enemy with a random status effect.
(エンシェンタス Enshentasu)
Performs Incentas' "Asura Knuckle", damaging all enemies twice.
(ラフレシアン Rafureshian)
Performs Rafflesian's "Sunburst", damaging all enemies 10 times at 200 damage.
(ナインテイルズ Nainteiruzu)
Performs Ninetails' "Nine Fragments", damaging one enemy 9 times at 999 damage.
Depth Dragoon
Depth Dragoon
(デプスドラグーン Depusu Doragūn)
Performs Depth Dragoon's "Thunder Brigade", a thunder-elemental attack that damages all enemies 3 times.
Blue Wing
Mach Jentra
(マッハジェントラー Mahha Jentorā, lit. "Mach Gentler")
Performs Mach Jentra's "Flames of Gehenna", a fire-elemental attack that damages all enemies.
Silver Hound
Silver Horn
(シルバーホーンド Shirubā Hōndo, lit. "Silver Horned")
Performs Silver Horn's "Tidal Wave", a water-elemental attack that damages all enemies.

Mega Man ZX series

Like Axl, the Model A Mega Man is able to absorb the DNA of a powerful enemy to transform into a copy of the enemy, although not all abilities become available. Unlike Axl, Model A's transformations don't appear to have a time limit. Master Albert, the creator of Model A, claims he can use the "real A-Trans" (真のトランスオン Shin no Toransu On, lit. "true Trans On") that can control all life when combined with Model W (or more specifically, its merged form Ouroboros), allowing him to perfectly copy and control a target by using the souls absorbed by Model W.[3]

Mega Man ZX Advent

Sprite Boss Description
Buckfire the Gaxelleroid As Buckfire, the player gains impressive agility, including rushing charge attacks, wall jumps, and a sustained dash instead of a run. His divekick can also be used to destroy certain boxes. However, his size and speed can be unwieldy.
Chronoforce the Xiphosuroid As Chronoforce, the player gains the ability to swim freely underwater. He also has an impenetrable shell on his back, and can shoot icicles and slow down enemies using Time Bomb. However, he is completely immobile on the land (though he can still use Time Bomb).
Rospark the Floroid As Rospark, the player is in his bulb form by default, which has vine and thorn attacks but is extremely limited in mobility. Fortunately, he can latch onto poles and vines to enter his flower form, giving him greater speed and attack range.
Queenbee the Hymenopteroid As Queenbee, the player can fly through the air (using the BM gauge) and shoot stingers diagonally. She can also dock her abdomen into objects that have appropriate slots, allowing her to lift them around.
Vulturon the Condoroid As Vulturon, the player can glide through the air (using the BM gauge) and cling to walls indefinitely, allowing him to pull down weights. He can also attack with his guitar.
Argoyle the Shisaroid As Argoyle, the player can dash along the ground and throw bombs that bounce before exploding. He can also summon a ghostly Ugoyle for support (using the BM gauge), who can pass through obstacles to attack or collect objects, and can also power up Argoyle's bombs by kicking them.
Hedgeshock the Erinaceroid As Hedgeshock, the player can roll through small tunnels without having to crawl in their base form. She can also attack by rolling with her spikes extended, or by launching electricity shots.
Bifrost the Crocoroid As Bifrost, the player gains a drastic size increase and can destroy enemies by merely jumping or turning around to thrash with his tail. He also has rolling buzz-saws and can open his jaws into an impenetrable wall of icicles. He can follow that up with a ferocious bite, strong enough to destroy plasma-powered electric blocks.
Model F (Atlas) As Megamerged Atlas, the player gains the same abilities as Model FX from the first Mega Man ZX, including dual fire blasters and the Buster Edit function.
Model P (Siarnaq) As Megamerged Siarnaq, the player gains the same abilities as Model PX from the first Mega Man ZX, including throwing knives, clinging to ceilings, and the Night Scope function.
Model L (Thetis) As Megamerged Thetis, the player gains the same abilities as Model LX from the first Mega Man ZX, including halberd slashes, swimming underwater, and the Item Scanner function.
Model H (Aeolus) As Megamerged Aelous, the player gains the same abilities as Model HX from the first Mega Man ZX, including dual beam sabers, air dashes, and the Enemy Analysis function.
Model ZX (Aile/Vent) As Megamerged Vent/Aile, the player gains the same buster and saber abilities as Model ZX from the first Mega Man ZX, along with some new ones. Grey (Aile) can perform a downward stab attack that kicks up stones, while Ashe (Vent) can use a rising uppercut slash with a wave projectile.
Model a (Grey/Ashe) If the player obtains all 24 medals and starts a new game, an item appears in their inventory that, once used, allows access to the 8-bit Model A from the "Model a" minigame via A-Trans. Model a has 8-bit sound effects, can still wall kick, has a slide instead of a dash, and is so short it can enter small tunnels. However, it cannot use Charge Shot, Homing Shot, or Giga Attack.

Other appearances


A-Trans appeared as a rare Action card in TEPPEN. When used, it copies the cards in the player's EX Pocket and returns them to the top of the deck in random order.

A-Trans is also one of Axl's abilities in his appearances as an event character in Dragon Poker and Elemental Story. In Dragon Poker it is a support skill that, under specific conditions, may grant a skill buff to the user (if the team leader has the same skill type as Axl), recover 5% HP to the party (if one member has an abnormal condition), or remove abnormal conditions from the party (if all members have the same condition). In Elemental Story it converts two Light pieces into Wood pieces (Axl's element) in the end of the turn.


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