ACDC Area 1 in Mega Man Battle Network 2.

ACDC Area, known as Densan Area (デンサンエリア Densan Eria, Den Area for short, untranslated in Mega Man Network Transmission) in Japan, is the internet area from DenTech City. It can be explored by the player from the beginning of most games in the Mega Man Battle Network series and is connected to several other areas. ACDC Area is essentially the "stage one" of the series, as it houses very weak viruses such as Mettaurs and Canodumbs. In each game, the overall layout of the area changes greatly, but the area has a signature blue coloration.

Lan Hikari's computer exits into ACDC Area 1, while the locations of Yai's, Dex's, and Mayl's computer varies across the series.

In Mega Man Battle Network 6, ACDC Area isn't the first location available in the game and contains relatively strong viruses. As the bulletin board for the area reveals, this is due to Lan and MegaMan moving to Central Town and not being available to bust viruses, causing stronger breeds to arise.


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