For the hazard, see Acid (hazard)

Acid (アシッド Ashiddo) is the first man-made combat Wizard and partner of the Satella Police officer A.C. Eos. The two are registered under the Satella Police's Project TC as No. 001.


Acid was made from technology taken from the criminal organization known as Dealer, the most notable piece of which is the Ace Program, which is used to tune EM Beings to Noise in order to protect them from harm. Because he is built around it - unlike Mega Man, who was given the program - Acid has the natural ability to use Meteor G to Finalize. However, this brings him to an out-of-control state, like most other Wizards, a fact which Joker exploits on several occasions. Because Acid is a man-made EM Being and not a natural one, his wave change puts tremendous stress on Ace's body, to the point that Acid will cancel the change in order to protect Ace.

Acid is generally calm compared to his partner, as well as friendly, kind, and polite, especially to Geo and Sonia along with their Wizards Omega-Xis and Lyra. However, Acid doesn't shy away from abusing his title as a member of the Satella Police, at least when interrogating someone at Alohaha's beach during the search for the data fragments of Luna Platz.

Game History

Acid is given to Geo Stelar when Luna Platz's data was scattered in Alohaha, and he assists in the search for her data fragments by scanning the area, which helps the team pinpoint where Luna's data is.

During the assault on Dealer's base, Acid was seemingly deleted along with Ace after Dread Joker's attack, but during the credits, he was seen alongside Queen Tia, Dr. Goodall, and Ace at a hospital, which may suggest that he was reconstructed in a similar manner to Strong when he was deleted.



The name Acid is a possible reference to the Acid computer virus which infects .COM and .EXE executable files. It may also be based upon the set of properties used to ensure that database transactions are processed reliably: Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability, abbreviated as ACID.


  • Dr. Goodall often refers to Acid by the pet name Acidina.