"Press the attack button to generate an acid barrier and block incoming shots! Try it while the Power Gear is active for a super-corrosive barrier that melts enemies!"
Mega Man 11 description (Mega Man)

Acid Barrier (アシッドバリア) is Acid Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 11. It generates a large ball of acid around Mega Man that protects from projectiles. As long as the acid shield is up, Mega Man can also shoot arcing globs of acid. However, the shield shrinks over time, eventually dissipating, and if Mega Man takes damage from something other than a projectile, the shield dissipates immediately rather than blocking it.

Using the Power Gear, the shield becomes more durable, damages enemies on contact rather than dissipating, and will automatically shoot at enemies if a projectile hits it. Mega Man's manual acid shots also deal more damage.

Weapon Energy is only consumed when creating the barrier, it will not deplete when using the acid shots as they draw energy from the remaining power the shield has.

Just like the other Special Weapons in Mega Man 11, Acid Barrier gives Mega Man new Head Gear and Arm Gear that alters his physical appearance when equipped, rather than simply swapping his colors. The Head Gear is a helmet that encases Mega Man's head in green gel and features a respirator, much like Acid Man himself, and the Arm Gear is a buster that looks somewhat similar to Acid Man's.

This weapon is the weakness of Impact Man and both forms of Wily Machine 11 due the nature of themselves and the iconic sense of the weakness (acid melts the iron).




  • Acid Barrier is the first shield-type weapon in the classic series to deviate from the usual formula for shield weapons; rather than having projectiles orbit around Mega Man, it envelopes him inside a large ball of damage-absorbing acid that has him shoot globs of acid in place of his Mega Buster.
  • It's also the first and only weapon in Mega Man 11 to be leaked officially on the Mega Man 11 website first, before any other internet platform.
  • Acid Barrier is similar to Rolling Shield in its charged form, as both generate a shield that can protect the user from multiple attacks.
  • Acid Barrier's acid shots might be a reference to Acid Burst since Acid Man could be an homage to Toxic Seahorse.
  • Because of Mega Man 11's new Head and Arm Gear element, Acid Barrier is the only weapon in the series so far that has Mega Man's mouth concealed.