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Acid Burst, known as Acid Rush (アシッドラッシュ Ashiddo Rasshu) in Japan, is the Special Weapon that X gains from defeating Toxic Seahorse in Mega Man X3. When fired, it creates a glob of acid which, upon contact with any surface, will split into four smaller acid drops. These little acid drops do not do as much damage, but cover a wider area. X can also fire this weapon straight up or straight down by pushing up or down on the control pad. When charged, X will fire two balls of acid which bounce five times in the direction he is facing. Because this weapon is a liquid, using Acid Burst underwater will cause the acid globs to dissipate the instant the FIRE button is pressed, rendering it completely useless.

Acid Burst, like Frost Shield, has a little known side-effect when used against certain minor enemies: when the right enemies are destroyed by Acid Burst—the Tomborts in Neon Tiger's stage, for example—they will drop Weapon Energy capsules every single time. The size is random, but it is guaranteed to drop a Weapon Energy capsule. This only works on certain enemies, but the list of enemies is the same as the ones for Frost Shield.

This weapon is Tunnel Rhino and Dr. Doppler's weakness.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man X3.

X3-Icon-AcidBurst Acid Burst
Boss Damage
Normal Charged
Maoh the Giant -- --
Toxic Seahorse 1:1 1
Tunnel Rhino 3:2 5
Volt Catfish 1:1 2
Crush Crawfish 1:1 1
Neon Tiger 1:1 1
Gravity Beetle 1:1 1
Blast Hornet 1:1 2
Blizzard Buffalo 1:1 1
Bit 1:1 1
Byte 1:1 1
Vile MK-2 (Kangaroo Armor) 1:1 1
Vile MK-2 (Vile) 1:1 1
Godkarmachine O Inary 1:1 1
Vile MK-2 (Goliath Armor) 1:1 1
Vile MK-2 (Vile) 1:1 1
Press Disposer 1:1 1
Volt Kurageil 1:1 1
Dr. Doppler 3:1 5
Sigma 1:1 1
Kaiser Sigma 0:0 0
  • For Acid Burst, the first set of values is damage done in its normal state: first number is damage from the original acid glob; second is damage from the smaller acid drops.



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