Aclanda (アクランダ Akuranda) is a scorpion-like enemy Mechaniloid from Mega Man X2 and Mega Man Xtreme 2 produced by the X-Hunters to defend bases by acting as a fixed turret that intercepts invaders. In Mega Man X2 Aclandas can be found in Wire Sponge's stage, Overdrive Ostrich's stage, and the first X-Hunter Stage. It shoots beams from its claws and also fires projectiles from its stinger. The Magnet Mine can take it out quickly.

Other Media

One Aclanda appeared in the Rockman X2 manga defending the desert base, and it manages to hit X while he was jumping, dropping him on a pit full of spikes. While falling, X acquired Foot Parts that allowed him to escape with an air dash.


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