"This is a Buster-model arm-mounted gun... It fires a homing missile that will track the nearest enemy! There're still a lot of enhancements I could make to this--depending on how you choose to improve it, it could become your most powerful weapon!"
—Roll Caskett

The Active Buster (アクティブバスター Akutibu Basutā) is a Special Weapon from Mega Man Legends developed by Roll Caskett with the item Guidance Unit. The Active Buster fires homing missiles at a fast rate. It is the most expensive special weapon to fully upgrade (costing more than 1 million zenny in the game). When fully upgraded, this weapon can have unlimited weapon energy, the capacity to home into targets increases, can fire at a rate 75% as fast as MegaMan Volnutt's Mega Buster at fastest rapid shot, and stood as the second most powerful weapon in the game in terms of damage (surpassed only by the Shining Laser). This weapon is succeeded by the Homing Missile weapon in Mega Man Legends 2.


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