The Advanced PET (アドバンスドペット) is a PET model introduced in Mega Man Battle Network 4 and used up to the 34th episode of the MegaMan NT Warrior Axess anime series. It was used to combat Nebula and the Darkloids, as well as competing in the Red Sun and Blue Moon Tournaments.


This PET model looks much like a flip phone, the top has transparent glass so that even when closed the user can still see the screen. A sliding piece on the bottom causes the top to open, revealing the screen and buttons. Along the top of the device is a slot for Battle Chips, on the right side is a grip and on the left is a headphone jack. On the bottom underneath the slider is a port for charging. Unlike its predecessor, the Advanced PET comes in a wide variety of colors, and the NetNavi mark on the front can be customized as well. This PET introduced the concept of wirelessly jacking-in, which has been used in all PETs since. It is about 4 inches in length.

In the Games

Lan Hikari gets this PET sometime before Mega Man Battle Network 4. Lan makes no mention of it in game (although a message board post mentions that Dr. Hikari and Mr. Famous designed it). New features include the Emotion Window, and changes in the Navi Customizer. The interface is mostly the same as in Mega Man Battle Network 3 with color palette changes. The Japanese exclusive Battle Chip Gate toy could also be used to send Battle Chips to MegaMan in real time during a battle, even if the Battle Chip isn't in Lan's Folder.

In the Anime

Introduced in MegaMan NT Warrior Axess, but first mentioned in episode 55 of MegaMan NT Warrior. The Advanced PET was made by IPC (Blaze Quest in the Dub) and was completed with the aid of Chaud and ProtoMan. This PET uses a Route-Mate Molecular 450 GHz processor which was long thought to be impossible. The Advanced PET became immensely popular in very little time with commercials for its still running up to episode 30. Pressing the Navi mark will shine a laser used to Jack-In. Unlike the games the interface is completely re-worked. In episode 34 Lan’s PET is heavily damaged and is replaced with the Advanced PET II in episode 36. Advanced PETs are still used in some episodes of Rockman.EXE Stream.

In the MegaMan NT Warrior Manga

Lan gets the Advanced PET in Volume 7 and uses it until he gets the Progress PET in Volume 9.

Advanced PET II

A redesign of this Advanced PET was produced in a cooperation between IPC and SiLab. Only one model was ever manufactured. In episode 29 of the Axess series the PET was first revealed with the purpose of preventing the use of Dark Chips. Later in episode 36, the PET was completed and given to Lan after his was damaged in a fight. While it is not known if the PET can prevent dark chips from being used, the Cross Fusion abilities of its user is greatly increased.  Lan continues to use this PET until he is given the Progress PET in episode 3 of Stream. This PET was used only in the spin off game Rockman.EXE 4.5 Real Operation, and is used by the player to control up to 21 net navis.


Electronic toy versions of the Advanced PET have been distributed by Takara in Japan in 2003-2004 and Mattel in other countries in 2004-2005. The PETs simulate housing a virtual NetNavi that can battle with fictional computer viruses or other NetNavis, similar to digital pets. Various toy Battle Chips were also distributed for use on the PETs, either in packs or included with other toys, to fight "viruses". Two PETs can be connected with a link cable for NetBattles.

The Advanced PET comes in three different colors (MegaMan, ProtoMan and Bass, the latter being Japan exclusive), but this is purely aesthetic as they do not contain their respected Navis. There is also an Advanced PET II that includes new features, such as MegaMan being able to use Cross Fusion and Double Soul. The Battle Chip Gate was not released outside Japan.

G4141 MegaMan NT Warrior Advanced PET MegaMan NT Warrior Advanced PET
Model no. G4141[1]
Battle Chips Three Battle Chips
Greek Advanced PET (MegaMan Version) MegaMan NT Warrior Advanced PET (MegaMan Version)
Model no. G4142 (package)
G4141 (PET back)
Battle Chips HeatShot
French Advanced PET (ProtoMan Version) MegaMan NT Warrior Advanced PET (ProtoMan Version)
Model no. G4143 (package)
G4141 (PET back)
Battle Chips


MegaMan NT Warrior Advanced PET (Bass Version)
Model No. ? (package)
G4141 (PET back)
Battle Chips


MegaMan DoubleSoul PET (Advanced PET II) MegaMan DoubleSoul PET


Model no. H7395
Contents Three Battle Chips. This version is rare, to the point of being unknown if it was cancelled or had a limited release as it is listed in Mattel's site.[3]
MegaValue pack MegaValue pack
Contains Advanced PET (ProtoMan Version) and two Battle Chip packs.
Advanced PET Netto Version Advanced PET - Netto Version
(アドバンスドペット 熱斗バージョン)
Battle Chips
Advanced PET Enzan Version Advanced PET - Enzan Version
(アドバンスドペット 炎山バージョン)
Battle Chips Cannon
Recovery 10
Advanced PET Forte Version Advanced PET - Forte Version
Battle Chips Cannon
Recovery 10
Custom Sword
Advanced PET 2 Advanced PET 2
Battle Chips Rockman (Navi Data Chip)
Thunder Ball 1
Cannon Mode

Operation Battle Starter

Operation Battle Starter (オペレーションバトルスターター Operēshon Batoru Sutātā) is a set of Battle Chip decks for the Advanced PET and Battle Chip Gate released in Japan by Takara in 2004. Each deck comes with one Navi Data Chip and nine Battle Chips. It was also released in Korea by Sonokong lacking the Navi Data Chip, but instead includes an extra standard Battle Chip.

OS-01 Blues Deck
Number OS-01
Battle Chips Blues (Navi Data Chip)
Sand Ring
Area Steal
Wide Blade
Hayabusagiri 1
Quick Gauge
Blues SP
OS-02 Roll Deck
Number OS-02
Battle Chips Roll (Navi Data Chip)
Recovery 80
Recovery 150
Moko Rush 2
Navi Scout
Navi +20
Roll Arrow 2
Roll SP
OS-03 Metalman Deck
Number OS-03
Battle Chips Metalman (Navi Data Chip)
Big Hammer 2
Lightning 1
Air Hockey 2
Twin Fang 2
Heavy Gauge
Metal Gear 2
Metalman SP
OS-04 Thunderman Deck
Number OS-04
Battle Chips Thunderman (Navi Data Chip)
Mega Cannon
Mag Volt 2
Bound Note 1
Thunder Ball 2
Lightning 2
Panel Shoot 1
Thunderman SP
OS-05 Woodman Deck
Number OS-05
Battle Chips Woodman (Navi Data Chip)
Flame Line 1
Boomerang 2
Green Wood 2
Woody Powder
Side Bamboo 2
Element Leaf
Panel Steal
White Web 2
Woodman SP
OS-05 Junkman Deck
Number OS-06
Battle Chips Junkman (Navi Data Chip)
Twin Fang 1
Propeller Bomb 1
Noise Storm
Stone Cube
Bug Bomb
Barrier 100
Junkman SP
OS-07 Windman Deck
Number OS-07
Battle Chips Windman (Navi Data Chip)
Air Shot
Fuujin Racket
Side Bomber 1
Deathmatch 2
Super Kitakaze
Propeller Bomb 2
Windman SP
OS-08 Gutsman Deck
Number OS-08
Battle Chips Gutsman (Navi Data Chip)
Vulcan 3
Met Guard 2
Double Crack
C'mon Snake
Deathmatch 1
Holy Panel
Guts Punch 2
Gutsman SP
OS-09 Fireman Deck
Number OS-09
Battle Chips Fireman (Navi Data Chip)
Flame Line 2
Bamboo Lance
Heat Shot
Heat Side
Element Flare
Black Bomb
Heat Plus
Meteor Rain 2
Fireman SP
OS-10 Searchman Deck
Number OS-10
Battle Chips Searchman (Navi Data Chip)
Circle Gun 1
Twin Fang 1
White Web 1
Steal Revenge
Search Bomb 2
Metal Gear 1
Searchman SP
OS-11 Aquaman Deck
Number OS-11
Battle Chips Aquaman (Navi Data Chip)
Wide Shot 2
Vulcan 2
Bubble Side
Element Ice
Mag Bolt 1
Steal Jelly
Aquaman SP
OS-12 Numberman Deck
Number OS-12
Battle Chips Numberman (Navi Data Chip)
Bound Note 1
Boy's Bomb 2
Steal Punish
Color Point
Element Sand
Search Bomb 1
Number Ball 2
Panel Shoot 1
Numberman SP


See also: Battle Chip Gate
H7396 MegaMan NT Warrior BattleChip Collector Case
Product Number H7396
Details A case with magnetic closure that can store 48 Battle Chips.
Battle Chip 053 Fuujin Racket (フウジンラケット)
Advanced PET Holster keeper PET Holster (ペットホルスター)
Details A holster for the Advanced PET and Battle Chips.
Battle Chip 002 Hi-Cannon
Advanced PET 2 poach PET Holster 2 (ペットホルスター2)
Details A holster for the Advanced PET 2 and five Battle Chips.
Battle Chip 286 Thunder Plus
Battle Chip in Wrist Band Chip in Wristband (チップインリストバンド)
Details A wristband to keep Battle Chips.
Battle Chip ?
Battle Chip Case Battle Chip Case (バトルチップケース)
Details A small case that can keep four Battle Chips.
Battle Chip 083 Toppuu
PET type Battle Chip Case Battle Chip Case (バトルチップケース)
Details A Battle Chip case shaped like the Advanced PET II.
Battle Chip ?
Battle Chip Folder Battle Chip Folder (バトルチップフォルダ)
Details A folder for Battle Chips.
Battle Chip Bubble V
Battle Chip Folder 2 Battle Chip Folder 2 (バトルチップフォルダ2)
Details A folder for Battle Chips.
Battle Chip Element Dark
Battle Chip Folder PET Strap (ペットストラップ)
Details A PET strap.
Battle Chip Heat V
Battle Chip Booster Volume 1 Battlechip Booster Vol. 1
Battle Chips

Battlechip List

Battle Chip Booster Volume 2 Battlechip Booster Vol. 2
Battle Chips

Battlechip List

Battle Chip Booster Volume 3 Battlechip Booster Vol. 3
Battle Chips


Navi Battlechip Booster Navi Chip Booster (ナビチップブースター)

Contains two random Navi Data Chips out of eight possible chips.

Battle Chips

326 Starman
327 Iceman
328 Shadowman
329 Elecman
330 Knightman
331 Plantman
332 Napalmman
333 Forte



Advanced PET Brazilian Commercial


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  • Note that information about the chips included in the Searchman and Aquaman Operation Battle Starter decks are from this Japanese list, which has a few flaws, so it is unknown if they are accurate.

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