Aero (エアロちゃん Earo-chan) is a character that was set to appear in the cancelled video game, Mega Man Legends 3, and was voiced by Japanese voice actor Akemi Kanda in the similarly unreleased Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version. Despite the cancellation of her original debut, she officially appeared in Otoranger alongside other characters in the Mega Man series during a promotional event.


In Mega Man Legends 3, Aero would have been a happy-go-lucky, stubborn, and absent-minded 14 year old girl serving as the mood-maker of the Bright Bats team. She was Barrett's spotter and appeared to have a crush on him. Aero was planned to be the daughter of Klickelan Island's police chief and dyed her hair pink as an act of defiance toward her parents. Aero was particularly skilled at tapping police radio transmissions, which she used to support her team's havoc-wreaking.[1][2]


Nine artists from Capcom created a concept for Aero and between October 10 and 25, fans had the opportunity to vote on the official Mega Man Legends 3 sites for which of the design they would want to be used in the game. Shinsuke Komaki's design won with 6202 votes. Haruki "Sensei" Suetsugu's design got in 2nd place, Tatsuya Yoshikawa's design in 3rd, Toru Nakayama in 4th, Ryuji Higurashi in 5th, Hideki Ishikawa in 6th, Kazushi Itou in 7th, Hayato Kaji in 8th, and Keiji Inafune in 9th.[3]

On November 16, her finalized design and official name were revealed.[4]


During development, Aero was named Lilly (リリィ), which was later changed to Aero (エアロ) when her final design was set. Aero was originally going to be named "Sephira" for the North American release of Mega Man Legends 3. However, after receiving feedback from the fans, Capcom decided to hold a poll on what name to use. After seeing the results of the poll and consulting with the development team, the decision was made to keep her name as Aero for both versions.[5]



No. 0723 Aero-chan
Series Rockman
Type Rockman
Attribute Darkness
Rarity ♪♪♪♪♪♪
Max. Level 70
Max. Stamina
Max. Attack Power
Max. Fever Value
Special Move Worn-out Radar
Fever Attack Big Dai Capcom "Eat this! Capsule Computer!"
Leader Skill Small Dream Can attack all colors, but power 1/4
Description Translation


Idol of the audacious Garter Family "Bright Bats"!
She lives surrounded by the beautiful sea in Klickelan Island,
it appears she has a bright, happy and energetic life.
The Tako Bonne's takoyaki is her favorite food.