"Welcome X. Your destruction is at hand!"
―Agile, Mega Man X2

Agile (アジール Ajīru) is one of the three X-Hunters in Mega Man X2, an elite group of Mavericks who are bent on avenging Sigma and resurrecting Zero as a Maverick under their command.


Agile is the tallest of the X-Hunters, standing around the height of Sigma himself. His armor is predominantly purple in color and is made to resemble a sharp coat, possessing two tails and large shoulderpads. His helmet is also designed to resemble a hat of sorts, coming to three individual points at the top. Like all the X-Hunters, his feet have tips that point upwards. He also possesses an alternate form where he transforms into a hovercraft of sorts, with only his head and shoulderpads remaining.

Agile is characterized by his fast movement and expertly wielded beam-sword, and (in the Japanese version) his polite speech pattern and reserved personality. His role in the organization is as a spy to discover enemy secrets and as an acting combat commander, taking the forefront on battles.[1]


Mega Man X2

Nothing is known of Agile's past. He is part of the X-Hunters, who took over Sigma's rebellion in his absence to keep up the fight. The rebellion laid low at first, quietly analyzing X and the Maverick Hunters while researching and repairing the parts of Zero recovered from the last battle. However, without Zero's control chip they could not fully resurrect him.

Six months after Sigma's defeat, the Maverick Hunters raid an old factory that is mass-producing weapons and Mechaniloids for the Maverick army. The X-Hunters watch the attack from afar in their Arctic fortress, affirming that they will not underestimate X.

After X destroys two of the eight Mavericks, Agile and the X-Hunters grow anxious. They challenge X to a series of duels, using the rebuilt parts of Zero's body as bait. Agile is the first of the X-Hunters to stop awaiting X's arrival among the stages, but if X defeats him before he leaves, he will relinquish one third of Zero's body - his lower body - before retreating.

Agile reappears as the boss of X-Hunter Stage 3 to challenge X again, this time in his Agile Flyer form. However, he is defeated, and before his demise he cries out for his master, Sigma, to avenge him, revealing that they indeed resurrected him.


First Encounter

X facing Agile

When first encountering him in one of the hidden rooms, he acts as his name implies, dashing along the ground and attacking with a series of lightning-fast slashes. One attack that Agile will use often is an upward slash, that will create a large crescent energy beam; these arcs cover a large portion of the room making them difficult to dodge. The position of the energy arc (how high or how low) depends on where X is on screen. He will also make a dash from one side of the room to another while performing a flurry of slashes, but only if X is on the ground too much. Agile is easy to manipulate in this battle; the best strategy is to cling high on the wall, drop down to avoid his saber's crescent beam, attack (the X-Buster will suffice), and then quickly climb back up, and repeat. His weakness in this battle is the Magnet Mine.

Second Encounter

For Agile's second and final encounter in the third X-Hunter Stage. He appears from above in a flight type form known as Agile Flyer (アジールフライヤー) attached to the center of the room. Agile will hold his position at the top of the screen, erratically moving from side to side. Throughout the battle he'll create spiked platforms from his sides that he will drop, trying to crush X; also whenever Agile creates a new set of platforms he will at the same time release four purple balls of electricity that will run down the walls and across the floor. Missiles will also fire periodically from both the left and right sides of the screen. Magnet Mine (fully charged or not) is the best weapon to use in this battle, as it can be aimed up to his position; it's also good for countering the missiles. Another effective weapon against Agile is the Shoryuken found in the stage. However, X must have full health to use it, so it is best used at the start of the battle to defeat him in one hit.

Other appearances



  • Power: 9800rp
  • Speed: 17800rp


  • "We won't make the same mistake. He is powerful, but he is blind to what is happening around him."
  • "Yes. How is the plan proceeding?"
  • "We have little time. We must finish construction on schedule. We must hurry..."
  • "I see now why Sigma fell at the hands of Mega Man X. He is quite formidable."
  • "We look forward to meeting you, X!"
  • "Welcome X. Your destruction is at hand!" (First encounter, pre-battle.)
  • "I may have failed, but you will never live to see Zero!" (Defeated, but escapes.)
  • "NO!! This cannot be!!! Master, avenge me!" (Final encounter, defeated.)

Other media

Rockman X2 manga

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Agile appeared in the manga.

Archie Comics

Agile and his comrades would later appear in the Worlds Unite crossover event from Archie Comics, having been revived by Sigma to serve in his reality-conquering army.





  • "Agile" is actually a French word (though having the same meaning as it does in English), pronounced "AAH-zheel". The other X Hunters also share this naming convention.


  • Though Agile's second form can be defeated with any weapon, the Giga Attack and the Magnet Mine are the most effective. Also, the Shoryuken, which is conveniently hidden in his very stage, can directly reach upwards to him thus defeat him in one hit.
  • In the Japanese version, when defeated, Agile explicitly refers to Sigma by name when begging to be avenged. The English version merely has him say "master", presumably to better hide Sigma's role in the events of the game until after the Boss Rush.


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