This page is about the Mega Man X: Command Mission character. For the Mega Man ZX character, see Aile.
"Please... You have to help Chief R!"
—Aile, Mega Man X: Command Mission

Aile (エール) is a Reploid who is a member of the Resistance in Mega Man X: Command Mission.


Not much is known about Aile's past, besides what Spider tells X. According to him, Aile and Spider once worked together as rookie bounty hunters. One day, Spider "goofed" somehow, and Aile was damaged because of his mistake. Because of the incident, Aile retained a scar below his left eye, and the lower half of his body was attached to a floating machine similar to a wheelchair.

Eventually, Aile was taken in by Chief R, and ever since then Aile looked up to him as a father. Aile became a figurehead of the Resistance in his own right by the time the Rebellion Army attacked, and many of the Reploids of Giga City looked up to him as a leader.

When Chief R was captured by the Rebellion Army, Aile rushed to the Governor's Precinct in Central Tower to attempt a rescue. He met X, who was on a reconnaissance mission, and explained the situation. Aile then ripped his ID lens from his chest and gave it to X so that he could access the Governor's Precinct, while he self-destructed to keep a large number of Preons at bay. Aile's sacrifice allowed X to continue unhindered.

When X was attacked by Spider, he dropped the ID; when X told Spider whose it was, Spider felt remorse for his actions and decided to help X instead. X then used Aile's ID to enter the Governor's Precinct and save Chief R. When X was attacked by Wild Jango later on, he dropped the ID once again, but this time Spider appeared and knocked it out of Jango's hand.

Other appearances

Aile appeared as an Unit Card in TEPPEN.



  • Due to the revelation of Spider in actuality being Colonel Redips in disguise, it is unknown if "Spider's" recollection of Aile's past is in any way true. Aile himself makes no mention of nor reference to Spider prior to his death, details about their past being left ambiguous on purpose so players could take their own conclusions.[1]


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