This page is about the Mega Man X: Command Mission character. For the Mega Man ZX character, see Aile.

Aile (エール) is a member of the Resistance in Mega Man X: Command Mission. Before the events of the game, Aile and Spider were rookie bounty hunters. One day, Spider goofed, and Aile got wasted because of it. Because of this incident, Aile has a scar below his left eye and the lower half of his body is attached to a floating machine; when he speaks, his mouth does not move. Later, Aile was taken in by Chief R, and ever since Aile looked up to him as a father. When Chief R was captured by the Rebellion Army, he went to the Governor's Precinct to attempt a rescue. Aile meets X while he was on a reconnaissance mission and explained the situation to him. Aile then rips his ID crystal from his chest and gives it to X so that he could have access to the Governor's Precinct. Soon after he self-destructs to stop three Preons to cover X's escape into the Precinct. When Spider saw Aile's ID with X during their second encounter, X explained that Aile had sacrificed his life to help him. Spider then decides to help X save Chief R and joined the group.




  • Due to the revelation of Spider in actuality being Colonel Redips in disguise, it is unknown if "Spider's" recollection of Aile's past is in any way true. Aile himself makes no mention of nor reference to Spider prior to his death, details about their past being left ambiguos on purpose so players could take their own conclusions.[1]


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