For his video game counterpart, see AirMan.EXE. For others, see Air Man (disambiguation).

AirMan.EXE is the NetNavi of Arashi Kazefuki in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series, serving as a minor antagonist during the Grave story arc.



Anime History

MegaMan NT Warrior

AirMan's role in the anime is the same as his video game counterpart's own, with the additional details in that he was used by Arashi to get revenge against Yai Ayano for her father's company outdoing his own company. Under direct orders from Arashi himself, AirMan had unleashed dangerous gas (edited as hot steam) in Yai's bathroom while she was taking a bath. Lan and MegaMan had managed to battle and delete AirMan while saving Yai in the process and after this, Arashi was arrested by Commander Beef (who managed to track down Arashi) and the authorities.

AirMan later resurfaced in a plan to get revenge on MegaMan, only to become the first victim of the Grave Virus Beast. After the Grave Virus Beast was destroyed, AirMan was restored.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

While AirMan doesn't make an appearance, his name can be seen in the top 10 ranking from the game in episode 41, suggesting that he may have been kidnapped by Allegro.