For the Mega Man X7 stage, see Air Forces.
"The Repliforce ship has taken off. Pursue and blast it out of the air. "
―Stage description, Mega Man X4

Air Force (エアフォース Eafōsu) is Storm Owl's stage in Mega Man X4.

Air Force Area 1

The first half of the stage features air ships which act as platforms, some of those air ships are actual enemies that will shoot blasts of energy and homing missiles, as well as featuring the Eagle Ride Armor which can be obtained early on the stage and be used to travel across safely. Along the way, numerous flying saucers will fire a giant laser blast, giving just enough time to travel across before destroying the flying vehicles. One of those sections has a Life Up on top.

Air Force Area 2

The second half of the stage is a shorter area with Beam Cannons. After reaching the end of the spike section, there are Light Capsules containing the Fourth Armor's Arm Parts, the closest to X containing the Stock Shot Buster Arm Part, and the farthest the Plasma Shot Buster Arm Part. This section is reached using Lightning Web and a well timed wall jump. After crossing the Boss Door, X/Zero will fight the Generaid Core Sub-boss. After defeating it, one can proceed to fight Storm Owl.



  • Life Up - Under the first flying saucer in Area 1.
  • Arm Parts (only X) - Reach the top of the spiked area in Area 2.

Other appearances

Air Force appeared as a chapter stage in Rockman X DiVE.

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