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"Poor child... you should've known you can't beat me. "
―Air Man, Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Air Man (エアーマン Eāman) is a Robot Master from the Mega Man series created by Dr. Wily specially for combat, debuting in Mega Man 2. Air Man has his face built into his torso instead of a head - an unusual design, said to be intimidating. This body supposedly worked out so well from a design perspective that it was dubbed the "Air Man type" design, and would be used as a basis for future creations such as Needle Man. Air Man's main method of attack is to generate powerful winds with the propeller in his torso - in particular, he is able to push enemies away or pull them or other items towards him, generate typhoons, and can use his Special Weapon, the Air Shooter, to attack foes with rapid barrages of tornadoes.

Physical appearance

Air Man is a stout robot with a blue body, has red eyes at the level of his head and shoulders and has embeded an air fan in the center of the torso. His limbs are black and yellow, and his left arm is an arm cannon with which he uses his Air Shooter.


Air Man is something of an egotist; whilst generally an individual of good character, he can be condescending and has a tendency to bore his colleagues by talking about himself for long periods of time. In his spare time, Air Man enjoys wind surfing and is skilled at the Japanese card game Menko. He dislikes the autumn season, however, due to falling leaves clogging up his propeller - the same reason he is weak to Wood Man's Leaf Shield.

Video game appearances

Mega Man 2

Air Man is one of the eight Robot Masters. He attacks by creating six tornadoes in different patterns (Most of the patterns are easy to dodge except for one) with his Air Shooter and blows them in Mega Man's direction with his propeller to damage him. After doing this three times, he will jump to the other side of the screen and repeat the attack. Air Man is very weak to the Leaf Shield, as it clogs up his propeller with leaves. But, if the Leaf Shield touches a tornado it will be stopped, so shots must be timed carefully. Mega Man obtains the Air Shooter and Item-2 by defeating him.

Mega Man 3

In Mega Man 3, the first Doc Robot in Needle Man's stage copies Air Man's moves, and before the battle, Air Man has a cameo appearance as program data copied by Doc Robot. This Doc Robot is weak against the Magnet Missile and Spark Shock. Also, Mega Man can slide in this game, making it easier to avoid some tornadoes.

Mega Man II

Air Man's strategy in the Game Boy Mega Man II is the same as in Mega Man 2, except he shoots four tornadoes instead of six. Mega Man can slide to avoid some tornadoes.

Wily & Right's RockBoard: That's Paradise

Air Card

Air Man appears in the Boss Card Air Card (エアーカード Eā Kādo). When used, Air Man will appear and blow the targeted player away to where it was last turn.

Mega Man's Soccer

Air Man is a player with the fifth slowest run speed and low defense, but he has the fourth strongest tackle (alongside Cut Man) from the game. His special shoot is Tornado Shoot (竜巻シュート Tatsumaki Shūto).

Air Man doesn't have his own team, but he is a member of the Fire Man, Elec Man, Needle Man, Dust Man, Skull Man, and Proto Man teams in Tournament mode, and the Wood Man and Dust Man teams in League mode.

Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

"Air Man controls the wind. Be careful not to be blown away. Attack Air Man's propeller with a huge weapon."
—Dr. Light

Air Man is one of the six bosses from the "Recover the new parts!" course. He attacks by using his Air Shooter to create five tornadoes, and blows them in the direction of the player. He also pushes or pulls the player away using only wind, with a DeluPipi coming to attack sometimes while pushing.

After losing half of his energy (depending of difficulty and boss order), Air Man will use new attacks. He can now jump to the center of the screen and use his propeller to suck junk to him, using it as a shield similar to the Junk Shield, and them blow the junk away. He will also use a typhoon attack. Air Man is weak to the Super Arm in this game, as the fragments from the broken boulders clog up his propeller and prevent it from turning.

Super Adventure Rockman

Sixteen of Dr. Wily's robots from Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 are rebuilt by Ra Moon, including Air Man, who is the seventh boss from the game (the second from Episode 2). Mega Man fights against Air Man and defeats him. If the player is defeated by him, Elec Man will appear to save Mega Man and give the player another chance to fight against him.

Near the end of the game, Dr. Wily's robots (except for Shadow Man) are revived, and Wily orders them to destroy the captured Mega Man. However, Ra Moon attacks the fifteen robots, revealing his true intentions, and when Wily orders the newly created Ra Thor to destroy Ra Moon, he attacks Wily's robots. Mega Man is freed and he defeats Ra Thor, but Ra Moon reveals he created a robot called New Yellow Devil. Wily orders his robots to attack the New Yellow Devil, but their attacks cause no harm and it knocks down all robots. If the player is defeated, Mega Man can ask the robots to help him, and they will give their remaining energy to Mega Man and shut down. Their bodies are apparently destroyed in the explosion of Ra Moon's temple.

Rockman ×over

Air Man is one of the four bosses in the 25th anniversary world. He also appears in some Battle Memory. He also appeared in an improved golden form.[1]

Other appearances


Mega Man & Bass CD data

Air Man's CD data card

Rockman Complete Works data

おなかに強力なプロペラをないぞうした、どくとくなデザインのロボット。 あるていどのダメージはかくごしてれんしゃ攻撃だ。

Translation: This robot has a unique design with a powerful propeller built into his belly. Be prepared for some amount of damage, and fire off a series of shots.

Rockman Battle & Fighters data

のちに「エアーマンタイプ」といわれることばをうんだどくとくのデザインのロボット。かんぜんなひとがたよりもたいせんしゃにきょうふをあたえる。 とくしゅぶきはエアーシューターじゃ。

Translation: A robot with a unique design that gave rise to the term "Air Man-type." He is more frightening to opponents than a full humanoid. His special weapon is Air Shooter.

Stage enemies

Air Man's stage in Mega Man 2.

Enemies in Air Man's stage from Mega Man 2 and Mega Man II.

Damage data chart

Amount of damage in units that Air Man receives from each Special Weapon in Mega Man 2.

Mega Man 2
Mode Mega Buster Metal Blade Air Shooter Bubble Lead Quick Boomerang Crash Bomber Time Stopper Atomic Fire Leaf Shield
Normal 4 0 0 0 4 0 0 4:12:12 16
Difficult 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 2:6:6 8

Other media

Air Man in the Mega Man cartoon show.

Mega Man (Ruby-Spears)

"And I'm an even bigger FAN of yours kid! Now BLOW!"
―Air Man, Ice Age

Air Man appears in the episode Ice Age, where his appearance was drastically altered from his video game counterpart. This Air Man's armor was a powder blue instead of the darker shade of blue in Mega Man 2 and has four fan blades instead of three. He is also taller, and in one scene, he appeared to be taller than Guts Man. The most notorious change was that this Air Man had a head and red eyes. Air Man and Ice Man do not get along very well at all.

Mega Man: Fully Charged

Air Man is one of the many Robot Masters fought against Mega Man in Mega Man: Fully Charged. Unlike his Ruby-Spears and classic game counterparts, this version of Air Man is primarily grayish-white and yellow. His wind turbine is now located on each above of his shoulders.

Captain N: The Game Master

Air Man appears in episode 20 of Captain N: The Game Master, where he and other robots from Mega Man 2 plays soccer against the main character. In this cartoon, Air Man suffers drastic alterations. He is white instead of blue, and has propellers in both arms instead of his torso. Instead of a fan on his chest, he has a wind gust emblem.

Mega Man Megamix

Air Man in Mega Man Megamix.

In the manga Mega Man Megamix, Air Man is a robot developed specially for aerial combat. Air Man's blaster is on his right arm instead of the left, and he has large shoulders similar to the Ruby-Spears animated series and a larger back.

Air Man appears in the story "R Destruction Order", where he and Flash Man, along with several of Air Man's minions, attack Mega Man in the city. After Flash Man's defeat, the other Light robots appear and help Mega Man fight against Air Man, defeating all of his minions; but other Wily robots arrive to aid him. When Dr. Wily's plan fails, Air Man retreats with the other robots.

Air Man also appeared in Mega Man Gigamix, where he is one of the robots that attempt to stop the alien robot, without success. He is later repaired and assists in the preparations to the battle against the Stardroids.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Main article: Air Man/Archie Comics

Other appearances

Air Man appeared in the Worlds of Power book and in the manga Rockman: Dr. Wily no Inbou, Rockman World 2, Rockman: Yomigaeru Blues, Rockman wo Tsukutta Otokotachi - Rockman Tanjou Densetsu, and Rockman 4Koma Dai Koushin.


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  • Air Man and Wind Man are rivals.
  • One of Air Man's minions, Matasaburo, was based on him.
  • Air Man is the first robot master to have one arm cannon.
  • Air Man was set to appear in the cancelled game Mega Man Universe.
  • Wave Man from the DOS version of Mega Man 3 is almost directly based off Air Man.
  • Air Man is considered one of the hardest bosses in the series due to his random projectile patterns, sometimes even resulting in him shooting them in a way that makes them impossible to avoid without glitches.
  • The infamous Airman ga Taosenai is based on one player's struggles with beating Air Man.
  • Air Man's fan blades are bright blue in his artwork, but due to the color limitations of the NES, they are yellow in his Mega Man 2 sprite.
  • If Mega Man is standing on Item-1 during the battle with Air Man in the NES version of Mega Man 2, he will not blow his tornadoes.
  • If Mega Man is hit with an Air Shooter while standing on Item-1 next to the boss gate, a glitch will occur, transporting Mega Man to a glitchy location that is similar in layout to Wily Stage 2. The level cannot be cleared, thus forcing the player to reset the game.