This article is about the Mega Man: Fully Charged character. For others, see Air Man.
"I'll show them that weak bots shall bow down to Air Man! Because I'm the greatest! I'm even the greatest at being the greatest!"
—Air Man, Running Wild

Air Man is a character from Mega Man: Fully Charged. He first appeared in the episode Running Wild.


This incarnation of Air Man resembles Wind Man more closely than Air Man, having a greyish-white and yellow coloration, a blue visor, different body shape, and two separate fans connected to his body instead of one large fan built into his chest. He also has an arm cannon shaped like a fan.


Personality-wise, Air Man is vain and arrogant. He thinks he is the greatest at everything, and does not hesitate to show off as much as possible. He attacks Silicon City for no other reason than to prove his superiority, and holds grudges against anyone who he thinks is upstaging or humiliating him. In truth, Air Man's egotistical nature is actually to cover up his own insecurity that was caused by the competitive nature of his own sibllings. 


Air Man can manipulate wind just like his video game counterpart but to a far greater extent.  He is capable of generating massive columns of wind with his fans, similar to Tengu Man's Tornado Hold, that can quite literally blow his opponents away.  He can also use his fans for flight.



  • Several of Air Man's concept designs bore a much closer resemblance to his original counterpart.
  • This verison of Air Man also has a group of siblings, known collectively as the Bluster Bunch .
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