Air Shoes artwork from Rockman.EXE Card Game

Air Shoes (エアシューズ) is a recurring ability from the Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Star Force series that allows the user to move over panels with holes. It can also avoid some ground level attacks, such as God Hammer.

Air Shoes first appeared as a Battle Chip in Mega Man Battle Network 2, later becoming a Navi Customizer program. In the Mega Man Star Force series it is an Ability Wave.

A similar ability, Float Shoes (フロートシューズ), has the same effect, with the addition of avoiding some negative panels effects, like sliding on ice panels and getting damage from lava panels.

Battle Chips

Mega Man Battle Network 2

ID Image Name Description Attack Element Code Memory
135 MMBN2Chip135.png AirShoes Stand on empty square - None A, J, O, V, Z, * 12 MB

Mega Man Battle Network 3

ID Image Name Description Attack Element Code Memory
Standard Chip 168 168 AirShoes Can stand on empty squares - None H, I, N, U, Y, * 26 MB

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge

ID Image Name Effect HP AP MB Element Acc. Description
125 MMBN2Chip135.png AirShoes Float 100 0 20 None _ Step On Holes!

Rockman.EXE WS

# Name Description
30 エアシューズ
(Air Shoes)
(This chip increases jump power!)