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"Uh, should be more careful, uh... citizen. Best leave things like this to me! By the way, big fan."
—Mega Man to Dr. Light, Throwing Shade Part I

Aki Light, also known as Mega Man, is the main protagonist of Mega Man: Fully Charged. Aki resides in Silicon City along with his human sister Suna Light, his father Dr. Light, his robot dog Rush, and the wise-cracking Mega Mini. Aki transforms from ordinary junior high school student to Mega Man, fighting the evil plans of Sgt. Night, and only Suna, Mega Mini, and Rush know his secret. So far, it's unknown who or what gave him his powers.


In his "humanoid robot" form, Aki Light/Mega Man wears a blue/white hoodie, grey pants, & blue sneakers. He has black hair and brown eyes. When transformed into Mega Man, his skin reforms into a blue nanocore armor and he has blue eyes.


Aki is an enthusiastic robot with an action-seeking mischievous side. He seeks the good in everyone, but he's no saint. Aki is learning to be be a boy and a hero both in his daily life and as Mega Man. He is bright, confident, fun-loving, and curious. He can definitely feel confusion, anger and shame, but these are rare extremes. When he absorbs the power of a defeated enemy, he also takes on aspects of their personality that enhance his own and force him to deal with their emotions as they manifest in his mind and affect his daily existence.[1]


By using the keywords "Meganize Me!" to Mega Mini, Aki can transform into Mega Man, a powerful & agile blue super fighting robot that can fire projectiles from his chargeable arm cannon known as the Mega Buster.

Mega Man is able to copy robots' powers gradually by saying the access code "Replication Activation" and downloading their data with a holographic tether cable, also inheriting their schematics and personalities, but not necessarily knowing how to control them at first. Some powers also have side effects on his personality.

Schematics Power Emotional/Mental Side Effect Bodily Side Effect
MMFC Fire Man Schematics Fire Man Flame Cannon/"Fire Storm" Anger issues Mega Buster begins to heat up
MMFC Drill Man Schematics Drill Man Drill Arm/"Drill Bomb" Anxiety, self-consciousness Head and limbs sometimes spin out of control; feet sometimes turn into drills
MMFC Hypno Woman Schematics Hypno Woman Hypnotic projectiles/"Hypno Whammy" coined by Mega Mini Thinking he knows what's best for people and how to "help" them Hypnotizes others to follow his suggestions by releasing hypnotic projectiles from behind him
MMFC Wave Man Schematics Wave Man Water Cannon/"Water Wave" & Grappling harpoon Unknown Unknown
MMFC Ice Man Schematics Ice Man Ice Cannon/"Ice Slasher" Takes everything too literally; misunderstands figurative language. Cold air around his body, slightly freezing things on contact.
Fullychargedairmanschematics Air Man Air Cannon/"Air Shooter" Pride, arrogance Unconsciously creates wind around him
Megaman elecman schematic
Elec Man

Electric discharge/"Thunder Beam", super speed

Hyperactivity Unable to sleep

The "Quick Switch" weapon change is a technique developed by Aki and Mega Mini which first appeared in "Lightfall Part I". With this, Aki (as Mega Man) can change between schematics more quickly & do fast continuous shots with different weapons. But it's limited, for it can overheat the Mega Buster over time.


  • Aki is a common Japanese name, whose meaning depends on the kanji characters used to write it. When paired with the surname "Light", Aki Light could be a play on bright light (when Aki is written as 明, 燦 or 晶), shining light (昭), daybreak light (暁), or clear light (晃 or 晶) although those kanji by itself is rarely used as a name.