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"I'll try to develop a program resistant to corruption and all viruses. ... Gate and I both longed for this."
―Alia, Mega Man X6

Alia (エイリア Eiria) is a character of the Mega Man X series. She is a Reploid who works as an Operator, Navigator, and computer specialist in the Maverick Hunters. She debuted in Mega Man X5, alongside fellow staff Douglas and Signas. Prior to working with the Hunters, Alia was on a team of Reploid research scientists with her close colleague, Gate.

Alia briefs X, Zero, Axl and other Hunters about their missions and guides them in the field, giving information about objectives, recent developments, and spotted Mavericks. She also manages the transfer actions at Hunter Base. In Mega Man X8, she can be unlocked as a playable character, like her Navigator comrades, Layer and Pallette. Her gameplay matches X's, though she is limited by her inability to use Armor Parts.


Alia is a female Reploid, possessing a slender and feminine design. Her armor is primarily red with pink and white accents along the edges. She has green lens crystals on her wrists and chest, and has an exposed head of blonde hair with a transceiver headset over both ears. In her first appearances she wore her hair in some sort of small bun behind her head, though she has since been seen wearing her hair down over her shoulders in the past with Gate and later in Mega Man X8. She is also capable of forming a buster on her arms, which has a design similar to X's X-Buster.


Alia is a very dutiful character. She tries to set her personal feelings and concerns aside (especially during the Nightmare Incident) to carry out her work for the sake of everyone. She cares deeply for the members of her team and does her best to guide them through their missions without them being harmed. Alia rarely shows any weaknesses, but the Nightmare Incident revealed a deeper, more emotional part of her personality, where she blames herself for Gate's reasons for becoming a Maverick and trying to wipe out all low-level Reploids to create a new nation under his ideal.

Due to her past emotional confrontations and her scientific nature, Alia is a realist, claiming she does not believe in "miracles."

As a former Researcher, Alia is highly intelligent, possessing both advanced engineering and analytical skills. She is able to compile and construct new Armors when in possession of the necessary data provided by Dr. Light's holograms, and has even managed to reconstruct damaged Armors, although to date none of her reconstructions have ever been 100% complete. She has allegedly mastered every programming language.[2]



X6 21

Gate and Alia during their time in a Reploid Research Team.

Before joining the Maverick Hunters, Alia worked at a research lab in Reploid engineering. One of her closest colleagues was Gate, who was obsessed with the power and unanalyzable DNA of X and Zero. When Gate succeeded in making unanalyzable, super-powerful Reploids inspired by them, the rest of the research team became jealous or fearful. Though she later regretted it, Alia was drawn into a conspiracy by their supervisor to sabotage Gate's creations, either by trapping and destroying them during their missions or having them declared Maverick for dubious reasons. Alia was directly involved in the destruction of Blizzard Wolfang and the execution of Gate's business acquaintance Ground Scaravich, much to her chagrin. Once Gate bitterly quit the team, Alia chose to seek a fresh start and joined the Maverick Hunters as a navigator and engineer.

Mega Man X5[]

Alia made her debut in the games as X and Zero's navigator, having been offered a job thanks to her mastery of programming and knowledge on Reploids.[3] While she played no crucial role in the plot aside from discussing the Earth Crisis and aiding in level navigation, she speaks in the ending where Zero went Maverick. She doubts that X's return was a miracle, and believes something else to be behind it - she came close to the truth, as it was Dr. Light's hologram that saved him.

Mega Man X6[]

Alia's character is greatly expanded in Mega Man X6. At the beginning, Alia awakes X from his dream and navigates him in the Opening Stage, having mostly repaired his Falcon Armor. When they come across the Zero Nightmare, Alia is shocked, briefly believing it might be Zero.

Alia is troubled by the appearance of High Max and the Nightmare Investigators. She becomes more and more suspicious of Gate's involvement as she realizes the Investigators are all his resurrected creations, delivering their backstories to the player on the result screen after their defeats. As X and Zero gather Nightmare Souls, Alia reveals that they used to work together and describes their shared backstory as well. She becomes desperate to stop the Nightmare that Gate has created, and hopes to rescue him from his own machinations. When they finally reunite, Alia calls out for Gate, but he ignores her sympathy.

X6 scene 47

Alia mourns Gate.

Although she tried her best, Gate didn't listen and fought X and Zero, ending up being defeated by them and then damaged beyond repair by Sigma. She was given a choice by X, who had dragged Gate's remains out of his destroyed lab, whether to try to repair him or not. What exactly became of Gate afterwards was never revealed.

Mega Man X7[]

Alia also assisted during the events of Red Alert by adding in stage navigation like before. She did not have a major impact on the plot like before, but she did show up in all three endings. She contacted Zero in his ending to wake him up and appeared in X and Axl's endings to discuss Axl's progress.

Mega Man X8[]

Like most of the cast, Alia received a design overhaul in Mega Man X8. Apparently, she also decided to let her hair down again, like it used to be during her days as a researcher.

In the game's plot, Alia did her usual work supporting the Hunters with information about the stage layout, the upcoming bosses and eventually about Reploids which had a DNA core suitable enough for Axl to transform. She also analyzed the new generation Reploids' source of viral immunity - their Copy Chip - and also revealed that the DNA of the new generation Reploids resembled that of Sigma. She also located Sigma's base on the moon. Her final appearance in the game, although off-screen, was her call for X and the others after they had defeated Lumine.

Unlocking Alia[]

Alia can be unlocked as a playable character, after completing the game once using Alia as the player's Navigator at least two times more than Layer or Pallette. Alternatively, the player can enter a secret code at the title screen in the PS2 version or the Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 version; an Alia sound clip is heard when entering the code correctly. Afterwards, the Alia Buster can be purchased from the R&D Lab.

  • ↓, R1, ↑, L1, ▢, ✕, △, ◯ (PS2/PS4)
  • ↓, R, ↑, L, Y, B, X, A (Switch)
  • ↓, RB, ↑, LB, X, A, Y, B (Xbox One/Steam)

Alia's movement and abilities are modeled after X, being able to charge her Alia Buster and receiving the same Special Weapons. However, she can only use the unarmored X's abilities, and cannot equip his Armor Parts, though the two do share Chip upgrades. Like the other two Navigators, she has no pre-boss battle dialogue with the Mavericks when selected as part of the team.

Other appearances[]

Mega Man X DiVE[]

Alia appears as a Hunter Program. Her base form is A rank and has Green Spinner and Melt Creeper as her Active Skills. She has a summer skin named Swimsuit Alia, which also has an alternate version with blue colors.

Alia has two S rank event variations named White Day Alia and Bridal Alia. White Day Alia is a White Day version whose skills are Heart Balloon and Flying Kiss. Bridal Alia is a wedding version whose skills are Hurl Bouquet and Chimes of Joy.


Alia appeared as Unit Cards and also appeared in the illustration from some Action Cards.

Set Image No. Name Color Type Rarity
X's basic set Card X 005 Alia Green Unit (Machine) Rare
Card X 010 Supply Green Action Common
Core set Card COR 085 Emergency Strike Green Action Epic
Day of Nightmares Card DON 038 Alia Green Unit (Machine) Epic
Card Alia Secret
Haunted by Memories Card HBM 037 Ally's Consolation Green Action Common
Breath of Resistance C BOR 033 Analysis Program Green Action Common
Analysis Program Secret
Operation Cannon Spike Card OCS 085 Alia Green Unit (Machine) Epic
Card OCS 086 Emblem of Civilization Green Action Epic
Turnabout Festival Card TF 029 Alia Green Unit (Machine) Epic
Card TF 040 Enchanting Night Pool Green Action Legendary
None ("T cards") Available from TFS 010 Blizzard Wolfang, ATH 068 Wounded Heart, etc. T044 Trauma Purple Action Rare

Other media[]

Mega Man (Archie Comics)[]

Despite the fact that Alia was nowhere to be seen in the Worlds Unite crossover, she appeared on the cover of Sonic Boom #8 alongside Signas and Sticks the Badger, and X mentioned her in Sonic Universe #77.

Other appearances[]

  • Alia has a brief appearance in the end of Rockman X5 IF, in a group image of X's friends when he thinks of them.
  • Alia appeared in the Rockman X5 manhua.
  • A message from Alia addressed to Signas describes the construction of Giga City in the official BradyGames guide of Mega Man X: Command Mission.
  • Alia appeared in Rockman X The Novel: Irregulars Report. She was originally a Reploid researcher, but as she had hurriedly managed transmissions to Dr. Cain before, she was provisionally assigned as a supporter and navigational operator to the Hunters when the war against Sigma began. Her name is only revealed in the novel's epilogue.


Production Notes[]

Developer Comments
By popular demand(?) from the staff of the previous game, a female character first showed up in the X series. Personally, I don't feel it's all that necessary, since these are titles aimed at kids. But in my opinion, aren't women more capable of making calm decisions? So I settled that the navigator would be a woman. Alia was another design that was difficult. Regrettably, I made many mistakes, with her often looking more like a Rockman DASH denizen before fitting the X worldview.[4]


  • Along with Layer and Pallette, Alia is the first female playable character in a main series Mega Man game.
  • In Mega Man X8, because of her being parallel to X in gameplay function, Alia is the first female character to have the Variable Weapons System.
  • Alia is the only character featured in Mega Man X8 to retain her redesign from the game in subsequently released illustrations and guest appearances. X, Zero, Axl and Signas, who all received redesigns ranging from heavy to minor, have reverted to their pre-X8 designs.
  • Alia has unused voice lines in Mega Man X8 where she shouts "Hadouken!" and "Shoryuken!", suggesting that at one point of development, she was going to use these skills. Furthermore, unused Alia animations for the Shoryuken as well as the Giga Crash functions used by the Icarus, Hermes and Ultimate Armors were found.[5]
  • In X's ending in Mega Man X6, Alia mentions having plans of working on an antibody program that will delete the Maverick/Sigma Virus for good.
  • In keeping with the musical theme of naming characters in the Mega Man universe, Alia's name is possibly a play on the word "aria," referring to a solo performance in an opera.
    • Alternatively, in keeping with the sprite editor theme of the operators, it could be based of aliasing: a type of image distortion
  • Some fans speculate that Alia may be based on Roll. As a support and navigation character with blonde hair and red armor, Alia does seem to at least serve as Roll's equivalent in the Mega Man X canon.
  • In Mega Man X7, Alia was voiced by Rumiko Varnes. Curiously, Varnes also voiced Elfie in Blaster Master: Blasting Again, who also served as a navigator for the main character and had a habit of interrupting the player's game with information.
  • One of the Guardian operators from Mega Man ZX, Gardénia, appears to be based on Alia.

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