Allegro (アレグロ Areguro) is the main antagonist of episode 41 of MegaMan NT Warrior Axess. During the episode, Allegro kidnapped NetNavis who won a certain game at the Game Soul arcade and forced them to fight each other to deletion in a tournament he called Delete Battle. PickMan and DrillMach, WhaleMan, ShiningMan, and a NetNavi that bullied Roll were among his victims. Chaud and Maylu investigate and Roll purposely wins the arcade game to get captured. When he is finally tracked down and cornered by Chaud, Maylu, and Lan, Allegro bursts out crying before Bass appears and reveals that he created Allegro to test out Dimensional Areas. Disgusted by Allegro's childish and human-like behavior, Bass pulls out the robots CPU and crushes it, destroying him.

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