Amazon Area (アマゾンエリア Amazon Eria) is Commander Yammark's stage in Mega Man X6. Despite its title and appearance implying it is in South America, the Stage Select Screen map indicates that it is located somewhere around the Pacific Ocean, near the Northern Mariana Islands. Around the forest are several Mesoamerican-style pyramid buildings.


Blind jump solution

Standing on the Caterpiride after luring it to the middle spike bed of the blind jump. The other two Caterpirides are start and destination of the blind jump.

The stage begins above ground, but soon goes underground into grassy tunnels. If the Nightmare Phenomenon is in effect, Nightmare Dark will appear here, and Nightmare Wind will appear later in the stage. It then becomes a cold, ice-like cave full of spikes that must be traversed using the Caterpirides. There is an infamous section here mostly referred to as the "blind jump" in which the player has to make a jump without knowing where the lower Caterpiride is, and possibly fall on the spikes around it. The safest way to get through this part is probably to attack the Caterpiride to the left and lure it to the lower spikes to the right (See the image. also this method is not widely known and needs more testing). It then opens to another area above ground, with several platforms to cross before reaching Commander Yammark's arena. The Nightmare portal to the secret area can be found falling down a tall vertical shaft, on the right side.



  • Life Up: Upon reaching the inner cave area, get on the rail heading down. Drop down the hole just in front of the Reploid found there to land in a cavern with two Reploids and the Life Up.
  • Sub Tank: After the first underground hall, the Sub Tank can be found up in the left upper corner, requiring X's Blade Armor or Zero's Double Jump to reach.
  • Blade Armor's Foot Program: Near the beginning, after dropping into the first underground area, enter the open wall on the right to find the capsule.


  • If a battle between the real Zero and the Zero Nightmare is triggered through the use of a cheating device in this stage, the Zero Nightmare will use unique quotes when prior to the fight, being the only stage to have this effect; all other stages use the dialogue of Zero's encounter with High Max instead. See the Zero Nightmare page for the exact quotes.

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