Amita Town.

Amita (アミータ Amīta) is a water-side resort town in Beyondard ruled by a parallel version of Narcy Hide seen in Rockman.EXE Beast. Raika and Dingo end up here with Fūten Rōshi when he has the two carry him there under the idea that he knew how to find Netto Hikari. He indulges in the town’s luxuries, leaving Raika and Dingo to clean up and pay for him, later stating that while he had money, he did not offer to treat them. Fūten Rōshi and his NetNavi TenguMan.EXE later drive off Narcy, freeing the town from their tyranny, much to the townsfolk’s gratitude. The three then take a boat from Amita to the town Netto was staying at. Fūten Rōshi (episode)



A list of featured locations in Amita Town.



The restaurant Dingo and Raika find Fūten Rōshi at.

This restaurant is owned by a man who could not afford his rent. Fūten Rōshi eats several dozens of plates of food and leaves Dingo and Raika with the bill, who end up washing dishes to pay for it before Narcy and VideoMan.EXE attempt to destroy the restaurant and chase the owner out of town for not paying. TomahawkMan.EXE and SearchMan.EXE send Narcy and VideoMan flying but the owner throws the group out out of fear of defying Narcy.

Kuwa House


Kuwa bathhouse.

Kuwa House is a bathhouse where Dingo and Raika hear Fūten’s voice and enter looking for him. The owner grabs the two and has them take off their clothes, and Fūten emerges from the water when Dingo enters to relax. The two begin scolding him for dining and dashing, but he tells them he has money and to relax and enjoy the hot spring, which Dingo agrees with and talks Raika into. The three then go onto some massage chairs and Fūten orders three massive servings of manjuu and tamago. Narcy attempts to attack them several times while they’re there, but TenguMan.EXE uses Wind Tornado to blast them off each time. Fūten then leaves them with the bill again and Dingo and Raika are forced to wash the bathes to pay for their stay.


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