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For her video game counterpart, see Anetta.

Anetta (アネッタ) is a character in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime, debuting in Axess. She was the operator of Silk.EXE, a nurse-themed NetNavi who was deleted when she tried to save Anetta from a hospital fire, though Anetta believed that Chaud Blaze and ProtoMan had been responsible. This would later be cleared up, and eventually she and Chaud form a close relationship with one another.

Anetta is the main antagonist of the Axess episode Anetta's Revenge but becomes a supporting character throughout the season and Stream when she learns the truth about Silk's deletion.


While starting off in an antagonistic role like she is in Mega Man Battle Network 3, Anetta is vastly different from her video game counterpart. Instead of being an ecoterrorist for the WWW bent on bringing down Net Society in the name of nature, even putting Mamoru Urakawa at great risk during his surgery to retrieve one of the four Tetra Codes, in the anime Anetta herself was sickly girl who became vengeful after her NetNavi Silk was deleted during a fire, which she blamed Chaud and ProtoMan for, and is not the operator of PlantMan.EXE, the two never even crossing paths.

After the misuderstanding was cleared up, Anetta becomes a cheerful and bubbly girl who comes at odds with Yai Ayano for Chaud's affections, and becomes her rival. Anetta is also be meddlesome if she sees others struggling with their feelings, and encourages Maylu Sakurai to be more forward with Lan Hikari about her feelings for him and tries to help her compete with Jasmine.

She shows great bravery in the face of danger despite her initial maliciousness towards Chaud, and put herself in direct danger when she swiped the new Advanced PET II away from Dark ProtoMan moments before he could stab down on it with his sword, and proceeded to flee with it, keeping it safe at all costs. When Chaud attempts to send her away in fear of an Asteroid attack on the Science Lab, Anetta refused to leave so that she could care for the people there.

Anetta is known to make bizarre foods, such as a “Advanced Cross Fusion Sandwich” made with custard and sausage as well as various vegetables. To Lan and Chaud's testament, despite how strange her food is, it is actually quite good.


MegaMan NT Warrior Axess


Yamato Man

Rockman.EXE Stream

When Meiru notices that Netto is paying more attention to Jasmine than her, Anetta shows up next to her. Meiru questions her about the stuffed alligator in her arm, which Anetta tells her is her “lucky love item” as recommended by Romeda Andou’s Lucky Fortune show. When Meiru watches an episode telling her to make a wish at the south-southwest sky at 9 PM to make a wish, Anetta contacts her and asks if she saw it.

Later, when Meiru, Jasmine, and Netto are shopping to decorate Jasmine’s apartment, Anetta appears randomly when Meiru notices she’s being ignored, and sees Meiru’s “love crisis” before inviting her to go to Romeda’s studio. While at the studio, Anetta tells Meiru to be more careful, or Jasmine will steal Netto from her. She states that long distance relationships are hard, to which Meiru asks if she means Enzan. Romeda tells them that week’s lucky love item is something that the ladies in the audience have in common with the male they’re interested in, Anetta ponders what she has in common with Enzan.

She shows up at Maha Ichiban wearing a similar disco-themed outfit like the one Enzan uses as a disguise, imitating him to have something in common with him. At the end of the episode, she is wearing a cute tail, which was Romeda’s love item for the week. Fortune Telling Shooting Star of Love

She appears in episode 44, urging Meiru to spend alone time with Netto as she watches Netto and Jasmine spending time together.

She appears in episode 48, handing Enzan a drink. When Enzan asks why she was there, she states she wishes to help out in anyway possible, and though Netto welcomes her, Enzan tells her the Science Labs are now a headquarters for fighting Asteroid Navis, and asks her what she would do if they were attacked there. She says Enzan would protect her, though Enzan simply tells her to go away. Though initially sad, she perks up and says she’ll work hard to help before putting a cold drink on Enzan’s cheek.

She appears once more in the final episode of the season in a photograph with several characters that Princess Pride looks at, and immediate after vying for Enzan’s attention against Yaito, and once more in a group shot at the very end.

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