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Another Rockman
Rockman.EXE Stream episode 36
Air date June 11, 2005 (Japan)
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Queen Fight!
Offering of Deko Fireworks
Opening Theme Be Somewhere
Ending Theme Hikari Todoku Bashou ~ Yūjō no Shirushi

Another Rockman (もう一人のロックマン Mōhitori no Rokkuman) is the 36th episode of the Rockman.EXE Stream anime. It is the debut episode of Dark Miyabi and the second incarnations of the Darkloids consisting of Dark Rockman.EXE, CosmoMan.EXE, SwallowMan.EXE, BlizzardMan.EXE, and CloudMan.EXE. It also features the return of ShadowMan.EXE after he was deleted in episode 12 of Rockman.EXE Axess.


A mysterious, sinister entity is talking to itself in the middle of nowhere. It claimed to despise Rockman for no reason and sets out to find him.

Late one night, Roll, NumberMan, IceMan, and AquaMan have been summoned to the same location by Rockman. Roll asked him what it was about. Rockman said it wasn't anything important. Then, he knocked them out with his Rock Buster much to Roll's shock!

The next morning, Rockman woke up and told Netto he had a nightmare. Netto found that hard to believe since he thinks Navis don't dream. Netto tried to make him feel better by downloading a Navi Aid Battle Chip Higure made. The chip covered Rockman in bandages. Netto cackled saying it was supposed to be a prank. Rockman didn't find it so funny. He removed all the ones he could find sans on that was on his butt. Netto saw it and snickered but chose not to tell him about it.

Netto apologized and took him to Ministry of Science so they could examine him. Upon arrival, he found Meiru, Tohru, Shuko, and Higure in the waiting room saying their respective Navis were all attacked at the same place and time and barely survived deletion.

Netto and Rockman went to see them. Meijin was in charge of having them recover. He said they were doing well so far despite the damage they dealt. No one knew who attacked them, but they would ask them once they've come round. Rockman was lost in sorrow thinking the nightmare was real and that he was responsible.

Meijin thinks Rockman might have a virus in his system, so he decides to run a scan on him to make sure. He tells Netto to go home and get some rest; and just then, he spots that bandage from earlier. He started to snicker, too; and he vowed to keep quiet about it.

Meijin runs the scan and says nothing is wrong with Rockman. The blue hero goes home, but he still wonders about the nightmare. Just then, a black tornado comes through the corridor and knocks Rockman out of his path! Netto freaks out sensing something was wrong, but he finds Rockman back in his PET safe and sound.

The next morning, Netto woke up late again and he's held up at a traffic signal. Rockman tells him to plug him into the traffic signal. Rockman goes to change the traffic lights. By doing so, he causes many car accidents! This shocks Netto entirely. He hurries to the school without giving any more second thoughts, but the gates are closed. It was a Saturday! He blamed Rockman for not letting him know.

As long as he was out and about, Netto goes into the town looking for something to eat since he forgot to eat breakfast at home. He even left his wallet there! Rockman tells him to plug him into a nearby tractor. Rockman drives to a nearby bank, crashes into it, and steals money for Netto! The police came into the scene. One of the scene's spectators among the crowd was Yuriko.

Roll, NumberMan, IceMan, and AquaMan were regaining consciousness. Once Roll had her senses back on, she immediately started to cry and demanded to know the location of her blue knight.

Rockman was locked up in an electric cell demanding to be let out. Neither Netto nor Manabe could believe Rockman could do such horrendous actions. Meanwhile, NeedleMan was spying on them via the surveillance system. He reported to Yuriko saying tension were rising among the group. She kept walking after telling NeedleMan to update her if anything changes. Behind her was a strange man she didn't notice.

Meiru entered the room with Meijin and the others. She said Rockman needed to be locked up since he's the one who almost deleted Roll and the other Navis. Roll had told the group what had happened, and Higure said NumberMan recorded Rockman's data signature and showed it to Ministry of Science. They confirmed that Rockman was responsible, much to Netto's dismay.

At around 9 PM that night, Manabe and Meijin told Netto to talk to Rockman one last time before his sentence goes underway. Rockman told his operator what Meijin told him. There was a defect inside of him that can't repaired with the current tech. To that end, Rockman asks Netto to delete him because he didn't want to end up behind bars. Netto started to cry claiming that he would never finish him off, but Rockman told him that it was a part of friendship.

Netto wasn't too convinced about Rockman's choice, and then he noticed something: Rockman no longer had the bandage he forgot to remove! Netto started to back away with a serious tone believing the one he was talking to was not the real Rockman and didn't know the first thing about being a friend. The true colors of the Rockman he was talking to were finally revealed! The building lost its' lights and the Navi introduced himself as Dark Rockman. Netto called him a faker, but Dark Rockman said he and the hero everyone knows are distinct beings with opposite views on friendship. Dark Rockman showed live footage of the real (and bruised) Rockman fighting for survival against a new group of Darkloids he hired: CosmoMan.EXE, SwallowMan.EXE, BlizzardMan.EXE, and CloudMan.EXE. Rockman was degraded to using his Rock Buster for this battle, and the four Darkloids were ordered to keep him alive because Dark Rockman wanted the real Rockman to die tragically by having Netto himself eradicate him. The plan was for Dark Rockman to swap places with the real Rockman; and once the switch was done, Netto would have deleted his digital partner. Dark Rockman said it was all simply out of despise he had against the blue hero. The plan didn't succeed, but Dark Rockman was still determined to finish what he started.

CosmoMan, SwallowMan, BlizzardMan, and CloudMan attacked Rockman severely, and Netto couldn't do anything but panic. Just as the doppelgänger left, the wires that surrounded Netto were about to fall on him, but Yuriko dived in nd volunteered to help him find Rockman. Neither knew where he was, but someone said he was in the depths of the Cyberworld. Yuriko demanded to know who he was, but the man suggested they pick up the pace if they want to save Rockman.

Netto and Yuriko go to a room filled with old TVs. Not knowing where to start, the man plugged in a familiar Navi into one of the TVs. The man introduced himself as Dark Miyabi and told them to get it memorized. The Navi he transmitted was a resurrected ShadowMan! CosmoMan demanded to know how ShadowMan located them. The ninja Navi said it was because they wreak of darkness (he would've known that since he worked for Nebula once before his deletion).

Yuriko and Netto decide to join the party. NeedleMan uses his Needle Cannon to push BlizzardMan to the ground. Then, a sinister voice triggers everyone's attention. ShadowMan threw some knives to the direction of where the voice was coming from. CosmoMan referred him as Dark Rockman-sama. The blue warrior recalled when he was traveling through the time tunnel and the darkness that took his form. Dark Rockman claimed he was going to finish what he started seeing as how two Rockmen shouldn't coexist in the same world.

Netto used Program Advance: Giga Cannon. Dark Rockman copied the move, and everyone from both dimensions awaited for the outcome while ShadowMan put his sword away. Once he finished inserting its' last inch, both cannons fired. No one was injured. Dark Rockman called it a temporary tie and departed, his minions followed him, and the dark-type Navi allies returned to their PETs.

The next morning, Dark Miyabi met the man who gave him ShadowMan at the park. He was the client who hired him for the job. He told him to call him again should he require his services, but he expects full payments from now on. And he thanked him for giving him his new NetNavi partner. The one who revived the ninja turned out to be Dr. Wily!

Meanwhile, Netto, Manabe, and Meijin talk about the events that transpired the previous night. The three agree to be ready for the new threat. Elsewhere, Dark Rockman sits on his own with a face of evil determination.


In order of appearance:

Battle Chips

Program Advances

  • Giga Cannon

Home Media

This episode was released on 13th volume of the anime in Japan on DVD.