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For more information on Antoine outside Worlds Unite, see Antoine D'Coolette at Sonic New Network or Antoine D'Coolette at Mobius Encyclopedia, the Archie Sonic wiki.

Antoine D'Coolette is a Coyote from the world of Sonic the Hedgehog and a member of the Freedom Fighters. Like his teammates-including his wife Bunnie Rabbot-he has fought for a number of years against the evil Dr. Eggman, eventually joining the alliance of heroes in Worlds Unite.


Before and After Worlds Collide

Prior to the launch of the Genesis Wave across his own world and Earth 20XX, Antoine was badly injured by an attack by Metal Sonic and left in a coma. Following the Super Genesis Wave, the new timeline found Antoine with new abilities and reunited with his teammates.

Worlds Unite

Humor Strips


Antoine in StH #252's Off-Panel

Like the other Freedom Fighters not created by SEGA, Antoine didn't appear in Worlds Collide or any of its humor strips. However, he did appear in the Off Panel strip for Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 252, which found Sonic confronting the unpleasant story threads left hanging prior to the crossover-subsequently erased by the series' reboot-and deciding he'd rather continue the Mega Man crossover.

Background Information

  • Antoine and the other Freedom Fighters not created by SEGA were originally featured in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series from DiC. In the series Antoine's surname was given as Depardieu, which for unknown reasons was changed to D'Coolette in the Archie Comics.
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