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Image needed: A high quality model of it holding its axe.

Aperoid (エイプロイド Eipuroido) is a gorilla-like enemy Mechaniloid from Mega Man X7 that attacks with an axe. Ironically, they only appear in Wind Crowrang's stage, and not Soldier Stonekong's.

Other varieties

Big Monkey

Big Monkey (ビッグモンキー Biggu Monkī) is an Aperoid fought in Mega Man X: Command Mission. These robots are weak against Thunder and strong against Water elemental attacks. Big Monkeys are mainly found in the Tianna Camp stage of the game. They will occasionally use Speed-boosting items.

A damaged Big Monkey can be found in the East Deck Residential Division 102 area of Gaudile Laboratory's and recovered for use at the Deployment Center.



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