Not to be confused with Apollo Flame

Apollo (太陽神 lit. "Sun God"), alongside Luna, are the leaders of the alien robots who came to Earth seeking for the energy of plants to bring back to their planet in the game Rockman Strategy. When Apollo and his group arrive on Earth, the first person they meet is Dr. Wily. Wily convinces the aliens to help him conquer the world by saying that's the only way to save their home. By using their alien technology, they start to drain energy from plants around the world, making them rapidly grow and wither. Wily uses this to blackmail the world, saying that if his demands are not met, all plants, and in the process, all living beings would die.

Dr. Light sends Mega Man, Auto, Eddie and Beat to investigate the situation and stop Dr. Wily. After discovering the involvement of the aliens, Mega Man tries to talk with them. The aliens wish no harm, and when they ask if there is a better solution to their problem, Wily takes control over Apollo and Luna, forcing them to fight against the heroes. Apollo is "Fire" elemental and is accompanied in battle by Heat Man and Knight Man.

After their defeat, they all go after Dr. Wily, putting an end to his scheme, and the two aliens are sent to Dr. Light's Laboratory. Months later, Dr. Light finished repairing the aliens. They learn several cultivation methods and are given seeds to use in their planet, allowing them to recover their planet.



  • Apollo is named after the Greek god of the Sun.
  • Although Apollo is of alien origin, he has Dr. Wily's emblem in his chest all through the game, from the landing on Earth to his departure.

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