"Why? There is no reason. Whoever my mother was programmed me to do that, no other reason. If you want to save your world... Try and stop me!"
―Apollo Flame, Mega Man Star Force 2

Apollo Flame, known as Apollon Flame (アポロン・フレーム Aporon Furēmu) in Japan, is a very powerful EM Being from an Alternate Dimension in the Mega Man Star Force series. He was born of Le Mu after Dr. Vega awakened it, and became the ruler of the Alternate Dimension, in which he has destroyed all human life on Earth, and possibly most Wave Road Hertz. Apollo Flame commands the alternate versions of UMAs and EM beings, known as IF EM bodies. He has an assistant named General Auriga.

Game History

In Mega Man Star Force 2, Dark Phantom IF tricks Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis into opening a portal towards the Alternate Dimension, where they learn about Apollo Flame and his plan to invade Geo's dimension after he restores his power. Mega Man defeats all of the IF EM Bodies as well as General Auriga, then reaches Apollo Flame and confronts him. Upon defeating Apollo Flame, Geo and Omega-Xis are told to gather the "six badges" , hinting that collecting the six icons on the Title Screen will make Rogue SX appear.

Apollo Flame reappears in the secret area of Mega Man Star Force 3, just before the Wave Road into space, this time under the command of another EM Being, Sirius. His resurrection by Sirius left him indebted to him, which is why he aids Sirius in his plot. He attempts to stop Mega Man from proceeding any further towards the Black Hole where Sirius resides, but is defeated.


  • Sun Barrier - Apollo Flame has a regenerating barrier that surrounds him. Hitting it with enough damage, using a barrier-removing attack, or hitting it with any water attack will remove the barrier and allow him to be damaged.
  • Prominence Flare (プロミネンス・フレア) - Apollo Flame will summon snake-like flames that will cover different panels on the battlefield. He does this a few times before following it up with another attack.
  • Tornado Flare (トルネード・フレア) - Apollo Flame summons three tornadoes that move down each column. One of them has a different timing compared to the others and hence this window of opportunity can be used to dodge the attack. They also cancel Auras and Barriers and cannot be shot through.
  • Solar Flare (サン・フレア Sun Flare) - Apollo Flame creates a huge ball of fire and hurls it at the player's current position. It strikes a 3x3 area and cannot be blocked. Its breaking attribute is removed in the third game.
  • Meteor Flare (メテオ・フレア) - Apollo Flame will fire several meteors onto the player's row. Used in the third game.



  • In Greek mythology, Apollo is the God of the sun, and is the twin of Artemis, Goddess of the moon and the hunt. Funnily enough, Moon Destroyer was intended to be Apollo Flame's rival in SF3, further supported by the fact that he and Apollo Flame are among 4 bosses in that game whose strongest forms have the Σ suffix in their name.
  • Although defeated in an Alternate Dimension, Apollo Flame somehow appeared again in Mega Man Star Force 3 as one of the minions of Sirius. Alternately, it's possible that the Apollo Flame in SF3 isn't the same individual from SF2 due to their personalities differing slightly.
  • Prominence Flare is similar to Nebula Gray's Black Prominence in that both attacks are a giant fireball that hits most of the player's panels.