Appearing Blocks (出現ブロック Shutsugen Burokku),[1] also known as Bun Blocks (ブーンブロック Būn Burokku, "Buzzing Blocks", also written as ブンブロック),[2] Tenmetsu Blocks (点滅ブロック),[3] Vanish Blocks,[4] "Disappearing Foothold" (消える足場 Kieru Ashiba),[5] or simply Blocks, are recurring obstacles in various Mega Man games, notably the original Mega Man series. Appearing Blocks are temporary platforms which appear and disappear in a specific pattern at a set interval (usually one second). The player can stand on them while they are solid. Groups of them form block patterns which often require memorization to pass and are considered some of the hardest obstacles required to pass without using special items or Rush. They are usually found with hazards such as spikes, enemies and bottomless pits.


Classic Series
MM1AppearingBlockA MM1AppearingBlockBMega ManIce Man's stage and Elec Man's stage
MM2AppearingBlockMega Man 2Heat Man's stage
MM3AppearingBlockMega Man 3Magnet Man's stage and Wily Stage 1
MM4AppearingBlockMega Man 4Wily Stage 1
MM5AppearingBlockMega Man 5Proto Man Stage 1
MM6AppearingBlockMega Man 6Wily Stage 2
MM7AppearingBlockMega Man 7Burst Man's stage and Wily Stage 3
MM&BAppearingBlockMega Man & BassAstro Man's stage and the Final Stage
Mm9appearblock Mm9appearblock2Mega Man 9Plug Man's stage and Endless Attack
MM10AppearingBlockA MM10AppearingBlockB MM10AppearingBlockC MM10AppearingBlockD MM10AppearingBlockEMega Man 10Sheep Man's stage, Special Stage 1 (Enker's stage), Challenge #12, and two areas in Endless Attack
Mega Man 11Gear Fortress Stage 1
MM1GBAppearingBlockMega Man: Dr. Wily's RevengeElec Man's stage and Wily Stage 2
MM2GBAppearingBlockMega Man IITop Man's stage, Magnet Man's stage, and Wily Station
MM3GBAppearingBlockMega Man IIIMid-stage and Drill Man's stage
Mega Man: The Wily WarsFirst two Wily Tower stages
Mega Man (PC)Almost every stage
Mega Man UniverseUnknown, as the game was cancelled
Mega Man Powered UpWily Stage 3, Construction Mode
Other Series
Mmx2appearblock Mega Man X2X-Hunter Stage 1 (During Neo Violen's Battle)
Mmx5appearblock Mega Man X5Zero Space Stage 4
Mega Man ZeroNeo Arcadia Shrine
Mega Man ZXArea N
Mega Man ZX AdventMega Man a (antique) mini-game
Mega Man Network TransmissionAlmost every stage
Rockman.EXE WSAlmost every stage

Other media


Appearing Blocks in Worlds Unite

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Appearing Blocks appeared in the Skull Egg Zone and Wily Egg in Worlds Collide and while the worlds were being merged by the Unity Engines in Worlds Unite.

Other appearances

Appearing Blocks are present in the manga Rockman: Dr. Wily no Inbou, Rockman 5, and Rockman 7.



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