For his video game counterpart, see Arashi Kazefuki.

Arashi Kazefuki (風吹アラシ Kazefuki Arashi) is an antagonist in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series, and the operator of AirMan. Arashi's history is almost completely identical to his video game counterpart's, a rarity in the anime series. The only difference between his history in the anime versus Mega Man Battle Network 2 is that Arashi is arrested by Commander Beef, Black Rose, and Mysteriu instead of being attacked by Gospel for his failure.


MegaMan NT Warrior

Much like his video game counterpart, Arashi is a member of Grave, with the additional details in that he was the head of a small company that was outdone by AyanoTech. To get revenge, he uses AirMan to wreak havoc on the Ayano Mansion's ventilation system, unleashing dangerous gas (edited as hot steam) and putting Yai's life in danger as she was taking a bath at the time, but his plan is thwarted by both Lan and MegaMan, who manage to battle and delete AirMan while saving Yai's life in the process. Arashi is later arrested by Commander Beef and the authorities and although Arashi himself doesn't reappear again after his debut, AirMan resurfaces later on in the season, only to become a victim of the Grave Virus Beast (though AirMan himself is restored once the Grave Virus Beast is destroyed).