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Area F

Area F (Lake) is a location from the Mega Man ZX series.

Mega Man ZX

Area F is a lake almost completely encased in ice and snow that can be accessed from Area B-3. The first commander of the Guardians and her research team found the Biometal Model W in Area F and decided to investigate it. Among the researchers was Serpent himself, who eventually succumbed to Model W's influence and cause the disappearance of the research team. The lake later became inhabited by Mavericks under the command of Lurerre the Abysroid, holder of the first half of Biometal Model L. A majority one's time in the area is spent underwater (in addition, the boss battle is underwater). The soundtrack for this area is called Wonder Panorama.


Image Enemy
Lurerre sprite

Lurerre the Abysroid


Crushpactor sprite



Bora bora sprite
Bora Bora
Frostybear sprite
Galleon Diver
Galleon Hunter
Ice face sprite
Ice Face
Marine general sprite
Marine General
Moth Queen
Tornado fencer sprite
Tornado Fencer
MMZX Whirling 44 sprite
Whirling 44

Secret Disks

  • E02
  • E15
  • E39
  • E44
  • E48
  • B15

Mega Man ZX (manga)

Vent investigates Area F and fights against Lurerre the Abysroid.


  • It is believed that the Scrapyard from Mega Man ZX Advent is the same location from Area F, as it used to be covered on snow and the initial area bears some resemblance to it.
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