Armor Soldier (アーマーソルジャー Āmā Sorujā) is a military Reploid served as the lowest rank soldier from Mega Man X and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, assisting Sigma's rebellion by using a Ride Armor to cause destruction.[1]

Armor Soldiers appear in Chill Penguin's stage, Sting Chameleon's stage, and the second Sigma Stage. If X approaches an Armor Soldier's spawn point without a Ride Armor, it will be standing nearby its own Ride Armor, looking back and forth for targets. It is possible in this instance for X to dash quickly and steal their Ride Armor, or destroy it outright with a Charge Shot. If its Ride Armor is stolen, it will attack by standing still and firing occasional buster shots. If X approaches an Armor Soldier with a Ride Armor, it will appear inside its own Ride Armor.

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Rockman X manga

Two Armor Soldiers piloted Ride Armors in the area controlled by Chill Penguin. One of them made a surprise attack to X, nearly defeating him, but X managed to defeat the pilot and took over the Ride Armor to fight the other Armor Soldier. During the fight, X left his Ride Armor and pointed the X-Buster to the soldier, but offered him a chance to live if he abandoned Sigma. The soldier accepted and escaped, while X destroyed the Ride Armors.

More Armor Soldiers are later seen with other Mavericks surrounding X and Zero in the forest that was controlled by Sting Chameleon, who was just destroyed by X.



Armor Soldier after being destroyed by Sigma in Rockman X DiVE

  • Armor Soldier outside and inside the Ride Armor is considered a different enemy according to Compendium of Rockman X: Armor Soldier being him outside and Ride Armor (ライドアーマー) inside the armor. Additionally, this enemy is named "Ride Armor" in the Project X Zone series. However, this naming is uncommon (being called Armor Soldier in most sources, regardless of the condition) and is avoided in the wiki to avert confusion with Ride Armor, a different enemy from Mega Man Xtreme 2.
  • In Sigma's character displaying animation from the game Rockman X DiVE, he destroys several enemies before stabbing "X" in the chest. After "X" is killed, it is revealed this is actually an Armor Soldier somehow with copy ability, like a New Generation Reploid does as seen in Mega Man X8 (Guardroid).

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  • Rideroid G - another Reploid that acts like Armor Soldiers in Mega Man X2