For his Mega Man Maverick Hunter X incarnation, see Armored Armadillo/Maverick Hunter X.

Armored Armadillo, known in Japan as Armor Armarge (アーマー・アルマージ Āmā Arumāji), is a sturdy armadillo-type Reploid in Mega Man X. He is a former Maverick Hunter who joined Sigma's uprising.


Armored Armadillo is a warrior ideally suited to fighting underground. Though he is a stoic soldier who never disobeys an order, he is loyal to a fault, continuing to obey Sigma's orders despite the fact that he became a Maverick and rebelled against humankind.


Mega Man X

Armored Armadillo was the leader of the 8th Armored Unit from the Maverick Hunters. When Sigma began his rebellion, Armadillo followed him out of unquestioning loyalty. Sigma ordered him to capture a mine that was a prime source of raw materials needed to manufacture weapons, and X had to stop him.

After his defeat, Armadillo also attacked X in the third stage of Sigma's Hideout.

Mega Man Xtreme

A digital version of Armored Armadillo appeared in the Mother Computer as an obstacle to X in Hard Mode. He is also featured in Mega Man Xtreme 2's Boss Attack mode, like the rest of the bosses from Xtreme.


Armored Armadillo's attacks all deal massive damage, and his armor easily blocks most attacks. This can make him quite difficult if the player is unprepared. However, he has certain openings in his pattern, such as while emerging from his ball form or while shooting his head blaster, where he can take hits. Additionally, his weakness to Electric Spark can cripple him greatly, knocking off his armor to render him vulnerable at all times and unable to use his guard ability.

X1 Armadillo Tackle.gif Tackle (タックル)[3]
Armored Armadillo tucks into a ball and bounces off the walls of the arena. With his armor, he is totally invulnerable during the attack.
Damage: 6
X1 Armadillo Guard.gif Guarding (ガード, Guard)[3]
Armored Armadillo defends himself against attacks. If he blocks a Charge Shot, he absorbs the attack before releasing a wave of energy blasts in retaliation. Disabled by removing his armor.
Damage: 6
X1 Armadillo Bullets.gif Rapid-Fire Shot (弾速射)[3]
Armored Armadillo fires a sequence of small blasts from a cannon in his forehead.
Damage: 4



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Mega Man X stats

Armored Armadillo (Armor Armarge)
Height: 194 cm (6.37 ft, mistakenly shown as 6.36 ft in-game)
Weight: 232 kg (512 lbs, mistakenly shown as 510 lbs in-game)
Attacks: Rolling Shield, Guarding

Other appearances

Other media

Armored Armadillo in the Rockman X manga

Rockman X manga

Armored Armadillo is the fourth Maverick that X fights in the Rockman X manga. He has the personality of a samurai, even using a sword, named Purple Garden (紫苑). He first appeared in the forest Sting Chameleon was in and had orders to destroy X, but disobeyed Sigma's orders so he could fight one-on-one against the Hunter. Angry, Sigma scarred his left eye, but decided to let him fight. When X defeated him, he used his sword on himself, as a device on him would make him explode if he betrays Sigma. Vile exploded the local area that Armadillo and his soldiers were, killing them all except for X. Vile talked with X before leaving, giving him the location of an armor upgrade.

Rockman X Mega Mission 3

Armored Armadillo is revived as "Armor Armarge HL", and attacks the Maverick Hunter base with three other Mavericks disguised as a recruit Hunter under the alias "Rot Armor" (ロート・アーマー). In his Hyper Limited form he has a predominantly red color scheme and wears a larger, heavier armor studded with spikes.

Archie Comics

Armored Armadillo and most of the other Mavericks were resurrected by Sigma-1 to create an army to challenge X and his heroic allies during Worlds Unite.



  • In Mega Man X, although it's difficult to perform, it's possible to skip the re-fight with Armored Armadillo in Sigma Stage 3 by charging Shotgun Ice up and then using the ice sled to zip X into the boss door without hitting an invisible trigger that forces the camera to scroll all the way up. If done correctly, the fight won't be triggered and the opposite door will open as if he was defeated. However, jumping will still trigger the fight, and if X starts entering the next section after the fight begins in that case, Armored Armadillo's sprites will glitch.
  • In Mega Man X, it is possible to hit Armadillo with the Electric Spark without making his armor pieces fall off. This can be done by hitting him right before he curls up into a ball, something easily achieved by releasing a charged shot the instant the fight begins.
  • The beams Armored Armadillo fires in the original Mega Man X game have a remarkable similarity to the Hadouken upgrade, which is also in his stage as an easter egg when conditions are met.
  • Armored Armadillo most closely resembles the screaming hairy armadillo, while his Maverick Hunter X redesign seems to take cues from the Doedicurus Clavicaudatus.
  • Along with Launch Octopus, Toxic Seahorse and Shield Sheldon, this Maverick is misnamed in the Music Gallery in the Mega Man X Legacy Collection and 2. There he is "Armor" Armadillo.
  • Armadillo appears in the X Challenge, where he is fought alongside Shining Firefly in Vol. 2, and Rainy Turtloid in both Vol. 1 and 2.
  • Another easter egg is during the first mine cart ride; one of the bats is actually a Batton from Mega Man 2, and it is guaranteed to drop a 1-Up.


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