"There's nothing Maverick about following orders. We're not in the wrong, X."
―Armored Armadillo, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

Armored Armadillo, known as Armor Armarge (アーマー・アルマージ Āmā Arumāji) in Japan, is one of the eight Mavericks from Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. Originally a Maverick Hunter and leader of the 8th Armored Battalion, Armored Armadillo joined Sigma's rebellion due to his sense of loyalty to his superiors.


From the instruction manual:


Leader of the 8th Armored Battalion. The steel armor than envelopes his body boasts a high level of defensive strength, rendering most attacks useless. Just like his hard exterior suggests, his personality is rough and gritty. Even though Sigma has taken control of the Maverick Hunters Battalions, he fervently obeys orders from all commanders. Since he needs mined ore and minerals for ammunition, he must maintain control over a mine to keep his supply coming.

Rolling Shield

Spins energy at high speeds with the buster and launches it as an energy shot that rolls along the ground. The energy shot even ricochets once off a wall.


Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

Armored Armadillo was a Maverick Hunter who led the 8th Armored Battalion. When Sigma announced his rebellion, Armored Armadillo followed him out of loyalty to his commander, feeling duty-bound to serve him. He was stationed in the Energy Mine Ruins, where he restarted the mine to supply Sigma's army with mined ore and minerals.

When confronted by X, Armored Armadillo argued with X over whether or not he was Maverick for obeying his commander, Sigma. He then fought X and was destroyed. In Vile Mode, he was disgusted by Vile's selfish and disloyal nature, and was destroyed in their battle.

Other appearances

Armored Armadillo as he appears in Maverick Hunter X appears in TEPPEN.


Normal Mode Starting battle will be the same as the classic version, with the difference being that Armadillo will move in a diagonal pattern across the room after he charges at X, allowing him to dodge by timing his dashes properly to avoid his path when he is rolling across. While his Armor is attached, he is invulnerable to any weapons unless X strikes him with a Level 2 Charged Shot (if Armadillo is still armored, once his Armor has been purged, a Level 1 Charged Shot should be sufficient) in which he stops rolling and reverts to normal upon hitting the ground. Once he reverts, he is immediately vulnerable to attacks in which he can either start the rolling attack or hit lasers with his head. Armadillo can also do a charged Rolling Attack by charging up before attacking X. Armadillo will spin at a fixed point before rolling towards you and along the walls and ceiling of the boss room 8 times before reverting, increasing the speed of the attack with every loop completed. In the Sigma Palace Stage or in Free Play Mode, X can become completely invulnerable to Armadillo's lasers and energy beams by simply unleashing a charged Rolling Shield to form a spherical barrier around X, and all of Armadillo's lasers and shields will simply go right through him without any damage.

Hard Mode Battling Armadillo in Hard Mode will see Armadillo add one more rolling attack to his arsenal of moves: Armadillo will start rolling and jumping up to move around the room at a random path, shooting 4 energy beams while doing so. Time used in this move is the same as the normal rolling attack and a Charged Rolling Shield will make dodging him little easier since X can focus on dodging the actual Armadillo himself. Again, X can stop this by hitting him with a Level 2 Charged Shot (or Level 1 if Armadillo's Armor has been purged) to stop the attack.

In-battle quotes

Action Romaji Japanese English
Battle start Enough talk! Let's fight!
Stunned by an attack Yaru na! やるな! You're strong!
Stunned by an attack Guu! ぐぅっ! OW!
Blocking an attack Kono teido? この程度? Is that all you've got?
Blocking an attack Muda da! ムダだ! It's no use!
Firing energy blasts in all directions Kore de...dou da! (How's this!?) これで…どうだ! Here's a...PRESENT FOR YA!
Defeated Ii...tatakai tatta... いい…たたかいたった… It was a good fight...


Armored Armadillo: I am under strict orders to protect this mine...
X: You don't need to take orders from someone like Sigma! He's insane! Open your eyes, Armored Armadillo!
Armored Armadillo: Whether he's insane or not... It's not my place to judge him. I must obey!
X: Looks like you've gone Maverick! I'm taking you out!
Armored Armadillo: Enough talk. I'm ready to obey my orders.

Armored Armadillo: X... I have orders to defeat you if you showed up.
X: You'll fight me just because Sigma told you to?
Armored Armadillo: I'll fight you because it is my calling!
X: Spoken like a true Maverick, Armored Armadillo!
Armored Armadillo: There's nothing Maverick about following orders. We're not in the wrong, X.

Armored Armadillo: I'm under orders to destroy anyone who comes here. It doesn't matter who it is.
Vile: Ha ha ha... All you do is follow orders. You really think you can take me on?
Armored Armadillo: You don't respect authority. You don't follow orders. I pity you.
Vile: Pity!? Don't pity me! You don't know anything about me!


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