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"You're no Mega Man King... You're no god... You were gonna destroy the world... You were gonna end the story... You're not the one to make that decision! This is my life, my story!"
―Ashe to Albert, Mega Man ZX Advent

Ashe (アッシュ Asshu) is one of the two main protagonists of Mega Man ZX Advent. Unlike the other protagonist, Grey, she is a 15 year old Humanoid who works in the Hunter's Guild. She is also the Biomatch for Biometal Model A, and is secretly a direct descendant of Master Albert.

Physical Appearance[]

Ashe is a young little Humanoid girl with fair skin and green eyes. Her hair is long and platinum-blue with spiked locks in the front, and has been tied up in a high ponytail with a red hair tie connected to a certain but unknown coloured headband. Her Humanoid body is purple black, and she wears an orange jacket with red details, purple and red fingerless gloves, a gray belt with brown pockets, and orange boots with white tops and soles.


Ashe is a stark contrast from Grey, being proactive and confident in her actions. She is feisty and boyish, talking back to the Sage Trinity at least once. She is also quite ambitious, as evidenced by her desire to leave a mark in history; she never allows anyone to take credit for her work, which is the reason she boards the train transporting Model A to Legion HQ. Her persistence matches her ambition, as she is constantly seeking her next "booty" and will stop at nothing to get it.

However, Ashe is plagued by the mystery of her unknown origins, and the lack of information in Legion's database is quite a blow to her. The lack of a real identity leaves a void in Ashe, and her quest to become someone known could be her way to find meaning to her life.

Although Ashe rarely demonstrates it, she is also very compassionate, even to enemies. She not only saved Raiders from Atlas, but she also spared Atlas' life and later expressed a desire to save Prometheus and Pandora after learning about their horrible past. Even the discovery of her family ties with Albert doesn't cause Ashe to hesitate, and she rejects her own heritage in the name of the greater good.



Legion's databases have no data on Ashe's past, as it was likely erased by her secret ancestor Master Albert. As a child, she was taken in by the Hunter's Guild after a Maverick attack destroyed her home, and she was raised by them. This inspired her to become a Hunter once she came of age.

Mega Man ZX Advent[]


Ashe pursuing the Raiders.

At 15 years old, Ashe had gained a reputation as a Hunter and was hired by Legion to intercept Raiders who illegally salvaged a Biometal. While pursuing their airship, she ran into Prometheus and was easily defeated by him, though her fellow Hunters escaped with the Biometal.

Ashe awoke in Hunter's Camp, having been saved from Prometheus' attack. She was then assigned to deliver the Biometal to Legion HQ via Train. During the trip, the train was attacked by Mavericks including Prometheus again, this time with Pandora too. Ashe attempted to defend the Biometal package, inspiring Model A to assist Ashe by Megamerging with her. Prometheus and Pandora were intrigued by this development and retreated, allowing the Pseudoroid Buckfire the Gaxelleroid to fight, but Ashe destroyed him. This informed Ashe of Model A's unique A-Trans ability.


Ashe Megamerges for the first time.

However, the train's engine was destroyed in the attack, so the Sage Trinity assigned Ashe to find parts from Raider scraps to fix it. While seeking parts in the Arctic Ice Floe and the Tower of Verdure, she defeated Chronoforce the Xiphosuroid and Rospark the Floroid. She also encountered four new Mega Men - Atlas, Thetis, Aeolus, and Siarnaq - and learned of the existence of Model W.

Ashe found the Raiders in a broken airship set to detonate, and heroically chose to rescue them. She found Atlas responsible and defeated her, which unlocked the first of Model A's ciphers and informed her of the Game of Destiny. She learned that Atlas attacked the Raiders to feed Model W their negative energies and fear. The grateful Raiders then agreed to help Ashe, repairing the train to Legion HQ.

Ashe traveled to Legion HQ, finding the city under attack and facing Siarnaq along the way. This unlocked another cipher, revealing that one of the Sage Trinity created Model W. Upon reaching the Sage Trinity, the perpetrator was revealed to be Master Albert, who escaped out a window while cryptically taunting Ashe. Short afterwards, Master Thomas revealed that Legion databases held no records of Ashe's past, and Master Mikhail announced that Albert and the four Mega Men were causing chaos around the world to feed Model W.

As Ashe fought to stop Albert's plan, she faced the other two Mega Men, Thetis and Aeolus, and unlocked their ciphers to learn about the history of Mega Men and the pasts of Prometheus and Pandora. She also destroyed Vulturon the Condoroid and Queenbee the Hymenopteroid, who were seeking to awaken Model W.

ZXA Ashe AlbertCutscene

Ashe watches Master Albert disappear.

Master Thomas next sent Ashe to investigate an airship near an underground Model W, where she met Vent. Misunderstanding each other's intentions, Ashe and Vent came to blows, which unlocked the final cipher and told Ashe the final goal of the Game of Destiny. Ashe and Vent then defeated Spidrill Neo together, proving they were both enemies to Model W. The two split up to seek Model W separately.

Ashe searched other areas, destroying Bifrost the Crocoroid and Argoyle & Ugoyle the Shisaroids in the process. She found Data File A, but Prometheus destroyed a computer in the Waterfall Ruins which possibly contained data on Ashe's past. This led Ashe to the Mysterious Lab and Hedgeshock the Erinaceroid, where she found Data File B. Thomas used the data to pinpoint the location of Albert's Undersea Volcano hideout.

In the undersea hideout, Ashe confronted Albert in a hangar full of Model Ws. However, Prometheus and Pandora ambushed and killed Albert, claiming they were done serving him. They then fought Ashe, only stopping when the Model Ws in the hangar suddenly absorbed their centuries of hatred to awaken. The true form of Albert then appeared, revealing they had only killed a decoy, and the entire hideout began to collapse. Ashe wanted to rescue the unconscious siblings, but was forced to flee.

With the Model Ws combined into Ouroboros, Ashe regrouped with Vent to use Guardian Base to infiltrate the flying structure. Inside, Ashe met Albert again, who revealed the "real A-Trans" afforded by Ouroboros that let him replicate those whose souls it absorbs. Once she defeated the eight Pseudoroids again, Ashe was cornered by the four Mega Men. She was frustrated by their insistence in the Game of Destiny, but fortunately Vent arrived to hold them at bay while she continued to Albert.

Ashe confronted Albert one last time in his throne room. However, he revealed to her that she was a descendant of his bloodline, and that unlike other Mega Men, their connection was completely natural and not a result of genetic tampering. He also revealed that he created Model A for her as his backup successor. Ashe was unfazed, declaring that she was writing her own story, and engaged Albert in combat. Even though Albert used the full power of Ouroboros, Ashe came out victorious, and he spitefully congratulated her as he died.

With Albert gone, Ouroboros began to crumble. Before Ashe could find Vent, she lost her Megamerge form and fell unconscious. Fortunately, Model Z allowed Vent to ditch the four Mega Men to help Ashe, and they escaped the fall together. Ashe awoke in Hunter's Camp once more, and after speaking with Vent again, she chose to continue her story by staying a Hunter with Model A at her side.

Powers and abilities[]

ZXA ATrans Humanoid

As a regular Humanoid, Ashe is athletic but not nearly as strong as when Megamerged. She can crouch and swim, but she cannot Wall Kick or Dash, nor can she charge her Laser Shot though she can at least fire it, unlike Vent or Aile in the previous game.

Image Attack Input Description
ZXA Ashe LaserShot
Laser Shot Y Ashe fires up to two bullets at once.
ZXA Ashe Crouch
Crouch Ashe crouches, and from here can crawl through small gaps.
ZXA Ashe Swim
Swim ← / → (water) Ashe swims on the surface of the water. Can jump out of the water while swimming.

Other media[]

Mega Man (Archie Comics)[]

Ashe has a brief cameo in Issue #55 of the Mega Man comic series, with Dr. Light seeing a vision of the future of the Mega Man ZX series due to a time travel development accident.

Yamato Man's spear tip
Yamato Man

Rockman ZX Soundsketch - ZX GIGAMIX[]

Ashe makes a cameo in the drama track "ZXportrait _ Girls Bravo", where she can be heard bantering with other Hunters in the background of the city while Aile and Fleuve take Prairie shopping.

Rockman ZX Advent (manga)[]

Ashe is the narrator and secondary protagonist of the Rockman ZX Advent manga. She is a Hunter like her game counterpart; however, she is comically money-hungry and constantly seeking treasures to sell on the market. To ease her treasure hunting, she employed Grey and Model A as bodyguards to make up for her limited strength as normal Humanoid. She comically bosses them around and treats them like errand boys, often annoyed by Model A's perverted interests. Upon learning that Model Vs sell to Legion for 100 million Zenny each, she begins seeking more Livemetals to become rich. At the end of the story, she discovers that she can R.O.C.K. ON with Model A as well.

Yamato Man





  • "Ashe" is a spelling variant of "Ash", which can be a diminutive of the female given name "Ashlie". Additionally, "ash" (as the solid remains of a fire) shares the same kanji "灰" with Grey.


  • At the start of Ashe's story, she first met Prometheus, then later met Vent, whereas Grey met Pandora and then Aile.
  • Ashe is the first main character in the Mega Man franchise to be biologically related to a main antagonist, being a blood descendant of Master Albert. In turn she is the only Mega Man who was not actually chosen by Albert, instead being able to use Biometals through genetics.
  • While Prometheus sees Grey simply as a "defective" and usually does not bother with him, his dialogue with Ashe reaches a more personal tone. Prometheus seems to treat Ashe as a kindred spirit, accusing her of seeking revenge against him for humiliating her at the Raider airship, much like how Prometheus seeks revenge himself. Although Ashe denies it, Prometheus retorts that Ashe's claims to the opposite are attempts to rationalize her own actions and that despite believing otherwise, she will never be a heroine.[1]


  1. Prometheus: It's been a while. But I see you're surviving the Game of Destiny. Well? Have you found anything out about yourself?
    Ashe: I've learned that I'm nothing like you.
    Prometheus: Funny... I was under the impression that we were two peas in a pod. You're bitter at me for making you look like a fool in front of your friends. You're here to fight for revenge... Same as me.
    Ashe: I don't know what it is you're fighting for... but I'm different. I just don't appreciate you using people for your entertainment as if you know everything.
    Prometheus: Stop quibbling and trying to rationalize your own actions. You think you're some kind of a hero! But one day you'll wake up and realize that you'll never be a hero."