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Ashley Adderley is a human character in Mega Man: Fully Charged who first appears in the episode Bored to be WildMega Man has a crush on her. She and Mega Man team up together to solve some science-related riddles left by Chemistry Man in order to stop him from turning all the metal in Silicon City into rubber.


Ashley is a young girl, about Aki's age. She has fair skin, deep purple eyes, and teal hair that has dark purple highlights. She wears glasses, black pants, a red shirt with a white star on it, and fingerless gloves.


Ashley seems to have the personality of a stereotypical nerd to some extent. She cares about academics more than anything else and prides herself for her intelligence.


Being a straight-A student, Ashley is quite bright and good at problem-solving. She's able to decode Chemistry Man's puzzles with little difficulty. Theather play: "In Watss happenning" she direct and play a act, her improvisations skill, were the sufficent good to the audience think the battle with Elect man was part of the play.


  • Aki/Mega Man: She and Aki tend to argue because she takes great pride in academics but Aki is uninterested in such subjects. However, she does show concern when Aki "disappears" in the museum, refusing to leave without him. She similarly looks down on Mega Man at first, but admits he's not so bad when he manages to solve the final riddle left by Chemistry Man.        In "Watt's Happening?!" Ashley shows that she has feelings for Mega man as she had written a play with Mega man in it.She says she admires his "raisons d'être" and calls him the perfect subject for the stage. Before the play Ashley was exited to perform hoping Mega man would see it,Aki reassures her saying that he will,Ashley becomes so overjoyed that she hugs him before running off to start the show.After,Elec Man attacks Ashley becomes angry at Elec man for coming out of nowhere and ruining her play. When the real Mega man appears and saves her from falling off the stage she improves a faint in his honor. After Mega man defeats Elec man Ashley hugs him and complaints him for saving the play and ends the play with him.



  • In the episode "Watt's Happening?!",  she can be seen wearing a costume that makes her resemble Roll from the Classic series.
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