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NapalmMan.EXE, last of the Asteroid Navis.

Asteroids are a type of NetNavi distributed by Slur.EXE to those with vulnerable minds, increasing their malicious intent and testing humanity’s will to be good for Duo.EXE. They act as the main threat throughout Rockman.EXE Stream.


Asteroids are bestowed onto those who have weak or malleable hearts by Slur, who distributes them to people to test if humanity is worthy of existing for Duo. The ones that are seen in the show often, but not always, take the form of Navis Netto Hikari, Enzan Ijuuin, Raika, and their friends have encountered before, though it has been mentioned that there are many more Asteroid invasions than the ones seen. They are stronger than the average NetNavi and are immune to elemental weaknesses [Citation needed]. Asteroid operators are also given a Dimensional Chip that allows the Asteroid to materialize in the physical world for short periods of time. Some Asteroid operators banded together under Tesla Magnets to form the Neo WWW.

Asteroid seem to have varying degrees of free will, as while many Navis seem to only be capable of doing exactly as the operator they were given to wished (albeit in an extreme manner), other Navis, such as FlashMan, VideoMan, DesertMan, BeastMan, and NapalmMan show they can act just like any other Navi and interact and bond with their operator, as well as carry out their plans without causing mass destruction. StoneMan also showed frustration while humorously trying to discern what his operator wished for.

All the Asteroids are deleted by the end of the season except for Asteroid NapalmMan.EXE, who becomes Nenji Rokushakudama’s Navi.

List of Asteroid Navis

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