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NapalmMan.EXE, last of the Asteroid Navis.

Asteroid Navis are a type of NetNavi exclusive to the anime.


The Asteroid Navis are given by Slur to humans in order to test them in the name of Duo.EXE. Most take the appearance of enemies Lan and MegaMan.EXE defeated before, but not all of them have been seen before. They are immune to conventional methods of dispatch like elemental weakness. Operators also get a Dimensional Chip that allows the corresponding Asteroid Navi to materialize in the physical world for short periods of time. Some owners of Asteroid Navis banded together under Tesla Magnus to form the Neo WWW.

Asteroid Navis seem to have varying degrees of free will, as while many Navis seem to only be capable of doing exactly as the operator they were given to wished (albeit in an extreme manner), other Navis, such as FlashMan, VideoMan, DesertMan, BeastMan, and NapalmMan show they can act just like any other Navi and interact and bond with their operator, as well as carry out their plans without causing mass destruction. StoneMan also showed frustration while humorously trying to discern what his operator wished for.

All the Asteroid Navis are deleted by the end of the series, except for Asteroid NapalmMan.EXE, who is in Fyrefox's custody.

List of Asteroid Navis

  • Asteroid AirMan.EXE - He was given to an elderly general from Creamland where he used its data to create an army of Asteroid AirMen. Deleted by KnightMan.EXE and Cross Fusion Raika.
  • Asteroid BeastMan.EXE - He was given to Takeo Inukai. Deleted after disabling SciLab's dimensional generators.
  • Asteroid BombMan.EXE - He was given to an unnamed operator where he was used to attack several places and delete their data. Deleted by Cross Fusion MegaMan.
  • Asteroid BowlMan.EXE - There were a lot of Asteroid BowlMen.
  • Asteroid BrightMan.EXE - He was given to a criminal named Ken where he was used to steal cars as a way to protect his girlfriend from a mob leader that he owes money to. Deleted by MegaMan with the help of Route.
  • Asteroid ColdMan.EXE - He was given to Ivan Chillski where he was used to steal all the NetNavis of the world. Deleted by Cross Fusion ProtoMan.
  • Asteroid DesertMan.EXE - He was given to Noboru Sunayama. Deleted by CF Roll.
  • Asteroid DrillMan.EXE - He was given to Rat. Deleted by ProtoMan.
  • Asteroid FlashMan.EXE - He was given to Rei Saiko. Deleted by CF-Megaman.
  • Asteroid GravityMan.EXE - He was given to Mac and Harry to do various gravity-related pranks. Deleted by Colonel.
  • Asteroid NapalmMan.EXE - Originally given to Domon Atsuki, but ended up in Nenji's custody.
  • Asteroid PlantMan.EXE - He was given to a boy named Mameo to get rid of the vegetables. Deleted by MegaMan and ProtoMan.
  • Asteroid StarMan.EXE - He was given to a fortune-teller named Romeda Ando in order to make her predictions come true. Deleted by Cross Fusion Roll.
  • Asteroid StoneMan.EXE - He was given to a clumsy secretary named Yui Hazuki where everything she touches turns to stone. Deleted by MegaMan.
  • Asteroid SwordMan.EXE - He was given to a robber named Kawase. Deleted by Cross Fusion ShadowMan.
  • Asteroid VideoMan.EXE - He was given to Viddy Narcy. Deleted by Cross Fusion MegaMan.
  • Asteroid YamatoMan.EXE - He was given to Iriya to steal artifacts from museum collections. Deleted by Cross Fusion MegaMan and Cross Fusion SearchMan.
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