Astro Crush (アストロクラッシュ Asutoro Kurasshu) is Astro Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 8. It creates a meteor storm that hits all enemies on the screen, and Mega Man himself is invincible for a short time when using it. Aqua Man becomes momentarily stunned and takes heavy damage if hit by this weapon (with his animation being that his containment body breaks and spills water, causing it to be dry inside, although he'll refill himself after a period of time), and Yadokargo is instantly defeated when used against him (regardless of whether his shell was lifted or not). It can destroy a certain floor in Frost Man's Stage.

Astro Crush can also be used to complete long jumps more easily, such as the last jump in the first Wily Tower stage, since it locks Mega Man both vertically and horizontally for a moment. Caution must be taken however when using Astro Crush in an auto-scrolling level such as Tengu Man's stage and the second Wily Tower stage, in parts that involve moving Mega Man through areas with walls on Rush; the invulnerability and immobility could work against the player, as there is the possibility of Mega Man being crushed against a wall the moment he finishes the attack.

Damage data chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man 8.

MM8-AstroCrush-Icon.png Astro Crush
Boss Damage
Yadokargo 40
Tengu Man 0
Astro Man 0
Sword Man 0
Clown Man 0
Search Man 0
Frost Man 0
Grenade Man 0
Aqua Man 8
Atetemino 0
Bliking 12
Bass and Treble 3
Green Devil 0
Wily Machine No. 8 4
Wily Capsule 0
Cut Man 6
Wood Man 4
Mega Man equipped with Astro Crush
  • Cut Man and Wood Man are available only in the Sega Saturn version of Mega Man 8.
  • Although Astro Crush inflicts damage against bosses twice (three against Bass), damage values are listed as the total amount, because the Weapon strikes multiple times on the entire screen regardless of the current position of the enemy.