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Asura Basura (アスラ・バスラ Asura Basura) is the first boss of the Neo Arcadia Shrine (the first of the final stages) from Mega Man Zero. He is a four armed Mutos Reploid based on Asura that uses three swords and one buster-resistant shield. After his defeat Zero fights against Herculious Anchus.


  • Standby - While standing still, Asura Basura uses his shield to defend against Buster Shots.
  • Jump Slash - Asura Basura jumps and attacks with two swords at the same time.
  • Rotating Attack - Asura Basura spins around like a top to cut Zero. Except for the head, he won't take damage during this attack.
  • Sword Throw - Asura Basura throws his three swords.
  • EX Skill: Hell Juggler (ヘルジャグラー Heru Jagurā) - Asura Basura juggles with his swords.


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