Asura Basura (アスラ・バスラ Asura Basura) is the first boss of the Neo Arcadia Shrine (the first of the final stages) from Mega Man Zero. He is a four armed Mutos Reploid based on Asura that uses three swords and one buster-resistant shield. After his defeat Zero fights against Herculious Anchus.


  • Standby - While standing still, Asura Basura uses his shield to defend against Buster Shots. He can only block one or two shots though.
  • Jump Slash - Asura Basura jumps and attacks with two swords at the same time. He can do this attack as much as three times, with one of the jumps covering much higher ground than the others.
  • Rotating Attack - Asura Basura spins around like a top to cut Zero. Except for the head, he won't take damage during this attack. His most common attack.
  • Sword Throw - Asura Basura throws his three swords in a pattern.The pattern goes: First near ground level, second over Zero's head, and last in the middle. Can be dodged by jumping over the first and last swords.
  • EX Skill: Hell Juggler (ヘルジャグラー Heru Jagurā) - Asura Basura juggles with his swords, which are thrown in different arcs. The first is always thrown highest, with the second and third in pursuit.


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