Atetemino (アテテミーノ Atetemīno) is the first boss of the Wily Tower in Mega Man 8, which likes to do mischief. It is kind of like the Mega Man version of "Whack-A-Mole" as the player must hit the bagworm (the one that taunts before the battle begins).


  • Two of the targets may fire either missiles (green and pink colored) or bombs that bounce (purple and yellow).
  • One of the targets (resembling a box), will leave behind two energy capules which can be used to refill weapons.
  • It will drop a miniature version of itself which will sweep the area where you are standing on.
  • When its health gets low, a fake version will replace any of the other targets. When hit, it will drop down and cause shockwave that must be jumped to avoid.

Weaknesses/Effective Weapons

  • The only weapon that can reach and damage it is the Mega Ball, and even then, it's hard to hit it with.
  • If the player has difficulty hitting it with the Mega Ball, another choice is to use the Ice Wave when it appears near a wall, but it causes less damage than the Mega Ball.
  • The Rush Bomber item is also good, but it does less damage and the Atetemino will only take a few hits as it goes up once attacked.
  • When low on Energy and Life, the Rush health is usable, but the powerups have the tendency to cling to the walls separating the targets. As a last resort, there's the Rush Charger (which may give you a Life capsule, an Energy capsule or the Yashichi item).

Atetemino Proto

In Mega Man & Bass, a prototype of the bagworm part, named Atetemino Proto (アテテミーノ・プロト Atetemīno Puroto), appears in the first King Stage. It hides within an indestructible shell, and to raise it, the player must stand on a platform that's above a lava pit (beware not to stay on it too long). It attacks with missiles and miniatures of it that come out from the lava, while a robo-monkey named Monking A helps by throwing spheres at the player. Copy Vision is a big help here, to attack Atetemino while Mega Man/Bass stands on the platform. After its defeat, the player must be careful to jump from the platform, as it will fall on the lava.


  • Its name is portmanteau of "Atetemina!" (a way of saying "Try and hit me!", in reference to how in each incarnation it taunts the player and is difficult to hit) and Minomushi (Bagworm)
  • In Mega Man & Bass, this is the only boss from the King Stages that uses a normal boss music (the same used for the Robot Masters) instead of a different theme like later bosses.