"I'm Atlas, the Flame Mega Man... Chosen One for Model F."
―Atlas, Mega Man ZX Advent

Atlas (アトラス Atorasu) is the Biomatch for Biometal Model F and a boss character in Mega Man ZX Advent, one of four Mega Men who participate in the Game of Destiny. She is fought in the Oil Field.

Model F gives Atlas superhuman strength, fire manipulation powers, and the ability to "curve" bullets in her Mega Man form.


Atlas appears as a young woman with dual-toned spiky hair, the fringe being a vibrant orange and her hair itself being brown. She is characterized by her slightly thick eyebrows and fierce expression. Like her fellow Mega Men, she wears the typical ZX Mega Man vest with an orange coloration and a pair of boxing glove-like gauntlets that are purely that color, unlike the usual yellow cufts seen worn by others.

Due to the hair style Atlas has, which covers the forehead (aka; the location of the possible red triangular mark identifying Reploids), it is impossible to tell if she is a Humanoid or Reploid, although it appears to have no mark.


Atlas has an exceptionally aggressive disposition and values power above everything else. Having previously fought as a soldier in a country that has been ravaged by Mavericks, she developed the belief that human beings can only evolve during times of war and spurns peace, wherein survival of the fittest as the only justification; thus she plays the Game of Destiny in order to plunge the world into a never-ending state of war in order to spur on human evolution. It is therefore curious that she would cooperate with her Mega Man opponents such as Thetis, who wishes for the complete extermination of the human race.

Her aggressive personality is similar to that of Model F's persona, Fighting Fefnir; however, whereas Fefnir merely lived for the thrill of battle, Atlas is motivated by her hatred of weakness. Similar to Fefnir, however, she was capable of being impressed by her opponent's skills if either beaten or hit with a severe attack, as evidenced by the Japanese version where she yells "impressive!"


Mega Man ZX Advent

Before her conversion to becoming a Mega Man, Atlas was a dutiful military soldier fighting for her country. However, disaster struck when Mavericks attacked and laid waste to her country, which lead to her developing a "power-is-everything" mentality. She first appears with Thetis in the Arctic Ice Floe. After introducing themselves, they MegaMerge. However, they don't fight the player. She uses her cannon to shatter the ice the player is standing on, leaving them to fight Chronoforce. She's encountered again at the Oil Fields, attacking the Raiders to feed their souls to Model W. She reveals that she wants to evolve humanity. After her defeat, her form is copied by Model A's A-Trans. She appears briefly with the other Mega Men when Aeolus's cipher is broken and in the Ouroboros after the defeat of the eight Pseudoroids. She and the other Mega Men are about to fight Grey/Ashe when Vent/Aile appears and holds them off. During the destruction of Ouroboros, Model Z separates from Vent/Aile and freezes the other Biometals and their Mega Men. Her fate is unknown, but if the game is beaten in Expert Mode, it is shown she and the other Mega Men are well and alive.


Her battlefield is a rather small room with a platform and poles.

Attack Descripton Notes
Knuckle Buster Atlas can manipulate the path of her bullets so they can go horizontally and vertically. She can also fire them forward and downward if the player is on the ground. She can firet them in these forms; (marked in *)
Ground* Fires straight forward.
Air* Fires three bullets while going down from the platform.
Above* Atlas can shoot upward if the player is on the platform.
Edit* Uses Model F's Buster Edit to fire in a custom path. A red square-segmented line determines the path of the shots, making it easy to dodge.
Charge Buster Atlas fires a charge shot.
Ground Break Atlas jumps forward and strikes the ground, causing a shockwave to surge forward. Only used against Grey.
Megaton Crush Atlas may at times, charge forward with her Busters, which can knock Ashe away a good distance. If Atlas comes to at a wall, she punches it furiously, causing the player to lose their grip on it. Only used against Ashe.
Mine Street She can set bombs on the floor that explode after a few seconds. She sets at least four of these. Only used against Ashe.
Blast Bomber Atlas' ultimate attack has her charging up an intense sphere of energy which she then punches with her free hand. Upon hitting a wall, it explodes into a wave of eight smaller shots. This can be countered by using the Homing Shot before the sphere hits a wall if fast enough. It also can be countered by a wind attack.


Action Romaji Japanese English
Transform Rokkuon! ロックオン! Megamerge!
Jump Ha ハッ Hah
Knuckle Buster (Edit) Kawaseru ka! かわせるか! Dodge this!
Charge Buster Teya!* てやあっ! Yaah!
Ground Break Kurae! 喰らえっ! Take this!
Blast Bomber Fukitobe! (I'll blow you away!) ふきとべ! Goodbye!
Stunned with tornado Model H attack or when defeated Yaru ne! (Impressive!) やるね! You got me!

*Teya is a kiai, a shout that a Japanese combatant yells when in the process of performing an attack.



  • Atlas is one of Saturn's moons, in turn named after the Greek Titan Atlas.


  • Despite Model F being derived from Fefnir, Fefnir never displayed the ability to control his bullets so they would curve in odd trajectories around the room, nor did he use bombs. This could probably be explained by the fact that it was to make Model F more useful gameplay wise, or that the Biometals gained abilities that the original versions didn't had; it's entirely possible, however, that Fefnir did possess these abilities, but never used them. Fefnir once stated in Mega Man Zero 2 that using bombs isn't his style when Neo Arcadia decided to drop a bomb on the New Resistance Base.
  • Like Leviathan of the Four Guardians, Atlas is the only female of the four Mega Men encountered as an enemy in Mega Man ZX Advent. (excluding Aile, who is fought out of misunderstanding).