Auto Counter is the name for two varieties of the same enemy Mechaniloid from Mega Man ZX. They both appear as a cannon that is constantly expanding and contracting to blow out air from a series of small vents on its sides. It does not fire until it is attacked, after which it will fire a series of shots from its top in arcs that fall back on top of the player.

Auto Counter POP

Auto Counter POP is a variety colored turquoise and purple with round red gems on each side. This Mechaniloid was originally designed to be a vending machine, but with a little tinkering it has been transformed into a strange weapon that rains junk food (apparently popcorn) down on enemies when attacked. It only appears in Area H (Amusement Park).

Auto Counter ECO

Auto Counter ECO is a slightly larger variety colored with different shades of red and orange with hexagonal red gems on each side. It launches fireballs upon being attacked that will arc back down to the ground and explode like bombs. It was originally designed for incinerating garbage, but is now used for evil purposes. It appears in Area G (Fire Site) and Area K (Lava Field).

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