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|name = ''Avalanche Yeti''<br/>(Ice-Snow Yetinger)
|name = ''Avalanche Yeti''<br/>(Ice-Snow Yetinger)
|image = [[Image:AvalancheYeti.jpg|250px|A]]
|image = [[Image:AvalancheYeti.jpg|250px|A]]
|nickname = Guardian of the Long Frozen Island
|nickname = Guardian of the Eternally Frozen Fields
|eyecolor = Green
|eyecolor = Green
|mmx = [[Drift Diamond]]
|mmx = [[Drift Diamond]]

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Avalanche Yeti, known as Ice-Snow Yetinger (アイスノー・イエティンガー) in Japan, is a new generation Reploid from Mega Man X8 that works in a environmental research center in Antarctica. He's worried about the world's environment, but when he became a Maverick, he tampered with the control system of the facility, which could cause the world's ecological balance to be at risk.

The battle against him is in deep snow and the player cannot see him when he's moving under it, except for the movement of the snow. When the Maverick Hunters face him in his room, he usually lunges at them and throws icicles. Once a portion of his health is down, he'll mostly stay invisible underneath the snow, appearing only to attack. In Overdrive, he'll use the Drift Diamond, only his snowflakes are enormous. Like some of the ice bosses from the classic Mega Man series, he's actually more vulnerable to electricity than fire, so use the weapons obtained from Gigabolt Man-O-War.

Stage enemies

Enemies in Avalanche Yeti's stage, Central White:

Dialogues from Mega Man X8

When Playing as X

Avalanche Yeti: I will not let you get in our way!

X: Avalanche Yeti! What do you think you're doing?

Avalanche Yeti: You old model Reploids have no business here. Get out of here, X!

X: No way! If we don't repair this system, the world's ecological balance is at risk! You're a Maverick!

When Playing as X (After Defeating Four Mavericks)

Avalanche Yeti: You must not stand in the way of our - my master's - ideal!

X: Avalanche Yeti! What is Sigma trying to do?

Avalanche Yeti: My master no longer considers your world to be ideal. We intend to fix things. It's too late, X. You and your puny Maverick Hunters have lost.

When Playing as Zero

Avalanche Yeti: Zero, even if you refuse to understand our ideal, at least just leave us be.

Zero: Hmpf. I could never understand the ideals of Maverick slime!

Avalanche Yeti: You truly are an old model, aren't you? You can't change the world with that thinking.

Zero: Change the world? With destruction? Leave it to a Maverick to come up with that.

When Playing as Zero (After Defeating Four Mavericks)

Avalanche Yeti: Zero. My master sees a part for you in his new ideal world.

Zero: What do you Mavericks see in me? Aside from a potential beating, that is...

Avalanche Yeti: Your world... Your ideals...are incomprehensible to my master.

When Playing as Axl

Avalanche Yeti: So you are the prototype who can shape-shift?

Axl: If we turn Maverick this easily, I can't say I'm happy to be your prototype.

Avalanche Yeti: Strong words for someone as lowly as a Maverick Hunter.

Axl: Who you callin' low? You're trying to destroy the world, not me!

When Playing as Axl (After Defeating Four Mavericks)

Avalanche Yeti: You have the same abilities and potential as we new generation Reploids.

Axl: I'm not flattered by all this sudden attention from your boss.

Avalanche Yeti: Ha! We have no use for flimsy prototypes anyway...

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