X8 axl blast

Axl using the Axl Bullets, his standard weapon.

Unlike X and Zero, Axl primarily uses a variety of guns, in conjunction with his A-Trans ability to fight.

In Mega Man X7, Axl only has four guns and the same Special Weapons as X's, the only difference being that Axl won't be able to charge his special weapons, and his range is slightly bigger due to the muzzle of his guns. In Mega Man X8 and Mega Man X: Command Mission, Axl has a large variety of guns at his disposal.


Axl Bullet


Axl Bullet (アクセルバレット) is Axl's standard auto-firing weapon. It's capable of rapid fire shots, and Axl can aim the firearm up and down, at any angle.

Mega Man X7

The Double Bullet (ダブルバレット Daburu Baretto) is obtained by defeating Flame Hyenard in Mega Man X7, and is necessary to use Circle Blaze. When equipped, Axl can Lock-on and attack two different targets at once. The weapon itself doesn't appear in Mega Man X8; however, its model is used for the Bound Blaster.


Concept arts of Axl's Special Arms in Mega Man X7.

The G-Launcher (Gランチャー G Ranchā) is obtained by defeating Vanishing Gungaroo in Mega Man X7, and is necessary to use Explosion. It shoots out extremely powerful bursts of energy, but lacks rapid-fire capabilities. The weapon itself doesn't appear in Mega Man X8; however, its model is used for the Blast Launcher.

The Ray Gun (レイガン Rei Gan) is obtained by defeating Tornado Tonion in Mega Man X7, and is necessary to use Volt Tornado. It shoots out laser beams that are slightly slower than the Axl Bullet, but much more powerful. It reappears in Mega Man X8.

Mega Man X: Command Mission

Image Gun Power Armor Shield Weight Obtained at Description
MMXCM Axl Pistols
Axl Bullets20101018 Axl's starting weapon2 hits per attack
Axl Bullets 236161622 Weapon Shop (Ch. 8)2 hits per attack
Axl Bullets 360181826 Weapon Shop (Ch. 10)2 hits per attack
MMXCM Machine Bullets
Machine Bullets285520 Weapon Shop (Ch. 7) 2 hits per attack, evasion +8%
Machine Bullets 248101024 Weapon Shop (Ch. 9) 2 hits per attack, evasion +8%
MMXCM Auto Bullets
Auto Bullets30101016 Cumin's Secret Shop 8 hits per attack. Hit rate -30%
MMXCM Axl's Killer
Mettaur Crash4012124 Weapon Shop (Ch. 6)Damage boost vs. Mettaurs
Noise Cancellor4513134 Weapon Shop (Ch. 7)Damage boost vs. Mechaniloids
Beast Killer5816164 Weapon Shop (Ch. 8)Damage boost vs. Beasts
Preon Killer6819194 Weapon Shop (Ch. 9)Damage boost vs. Preons
Insect Killer8518184 Dropped by Redips Guard Damage boost vs. Insects
Manhunter9020204 Weapon Shop (Ch. 10)Damage boost vs. Humans
MMXCM Revolver Barrel
Revolver Barrel16776 Weapon Shop (Ch. 6) 4 hits per attack. Hit rate -20%
MMXCM Ancient Gun
Ancient Gun100202012 Dropped by NinetailsDamage boost vs. bosses

Special Weapons

Mega Man X7

Image Special Weapon Boss Weapon Description
AxlVoltTornado X7-Icon-Axl-VoltTornado-Small-Edited Volt Tornado
(ボルトルネード, Borutorunēdo, lit. "Voltornado")
Tornado Tonion Ray Gun The Ray Gun is required to use this. Use this electro-storm to reach high enemies.
AxlSplashLaser X7-Icon-Axl-SplashLaser-Small-Edited Splash Laser
(スプラッシュレーザー, Supurasshu Rēzā)
Splash Warfly Axl Bullet Fire rapidly to extend range of this laser.
AxlCircleBlaze X7-Icon-Axl-CircleBlaze-Small-Edited Circle Blaze
(サークルブレイズ, Sākuru Bureizu)
Flame Hyenard Double Bullet The Double Bullet is required to use this. Enemies are bombarded with a ring of flames.
AxlMovingWheel X7-Icon-Axl-MovingWheel-Small-Edited Moving Wheel
(ムービンホイール, Mūbin Hoīru)
Ride Boarski Axl Bullet This roving disc sweeps ground enemies.
AxlSniperMissile X7-Icon-Axl-SniperMissile-Small-Edited Sniper Missile
(スナイパミサイル, Sunaipa Misairu)
Snipe Anteator Axl Bullet Fires a high-tech homing missile.
AxlWindCutter X7-Icon-Axl-WindCutter-Small-Edited Wind Cutter
(ウィンドカッター, Windo Kattā)
Wind Crowrang Axl Bullet This boomerang slices all enemies in its path.
AxlExplosion X7-Icon-Axl-Explosion-Small-Edited Explosion
(エクスプロージョン, Ekusupurōjon)
Vanishing Gungaroo G-Launcher The G-Launcher is required to use this. Releases a short-ranged burst of energy.
AxlGaeaShield X7-Icon-Axl-GaeaShield-Small-Edited Gaea Shield
(ガイアシールド, Gaia Shīrudo)
Soldier Stonekong Axl Bullet Creates a bulletproof shield.

Mega Man X8

Image Special Weapon Boss Description
BlastLauncher X8-Icon-Axl-BlastLauncher Blast Launcher
(ブラストランチャー, Burasuto Ranchā)
Bamboo Pandamonium This weapon launches time activated grenades.
RayGun X8-Icon-Axl-RayGun Ray Gun
(レイガン, Rei Gan)
Optic Sunflower A rapid firing laser that can pierce through enemies.
Blackarrow X8-Icon-Axl-BlackArrow Black Arrow
(ブラックアロー, Burakku Arō)
Dark Mantis Arrows that home in on targets. They hurt enemies even when stuck in walls.
SpiralMagnum X8-Icon-Axl-SpiralMagnum Spiral Magnum
(スパイラルマグナム, Supairaru Magunamu)
Gravity Antonion Powerful bullets that can pierce any surface and shoot right through walls.
BoundBlaster X8-Icon-Axl-BoundBlaster Bound Blaster
(バウンドブラスター, Baundo Burasutā)
Earthrock Trilobyte Shots that reflect off walls, floor, and other surfaces for maximum coverage. Up to three projectiles can be shot at a time.
PlasmaGun X8-Icon-Axl-PlasmaGun Plasma Gun
(プラズマガン, Purazuma Gan)
Gigabolt Man-O-War A powerful plasma shot that covers a wide range and can break enemies' barriers.
IceGatlling X8-Icon-Axl-IceGattling Ice Gatling
Aisu Gatoringu)
Avalanche Yeti Ice-derived ammo that can freeze enemies. As long as you hold the attack button, the Ice Gatling will keep firing shots.
FlameBurner X8-Icon-Axl-FlameBurner Flame Burner
(フレイムバーナー, Fureimu Bānā)
Burn Rooster A fearsome flamethrower that can roast foes like marshmallows or hot dogs in a fire.

Copy Shot/A-Trans

Copy Shot (コピーショット) is Axl's special ability. When fired at enemies of his size, he can retrieve their DNA cores and imitate them, using A-Trans. For example, by copying a Rolleroid from Gravity Antonion's stage in Mega Man X8, Axl can walk on spikes without dying. In Mega Man X7, Axl is also able to absorb the DNA cores of enemies much smaller than himself; instead of transforming, he merely gains the ability to use their special power. In Command Mission, the A-Trans ability is used as Axl's Action Trigger, "DNA Change". It has been expanded to allow him to copy defeated Maverick bosses, making his A-Trans functionally similar to X's boss-based weaponry. The form Axl takes depends on the combination of buttons pressed during Action Trigger. The more weapon energy Axl has, the longer he has to finish a command, but if he fails to complete any of them, he will simply fire a weak Copy Shot.

Mega Man X7

Enemy Transform? Attacks Description
(ブロックエイプ Burokkueipu)
No Replenish random amount of life.
(バウンディング Baundingu)
YesB s (mid-air): Shoot electric sparkInvincible while still. Does not fight back.
Crash Roadster
(クラッシュローダー Kurasshu Rōdā, lit. "Crash Roader")
No Increases speed of movement.
(フライヤー Furaiyā)
YesB s: Shoot buster shotsGlide down from a jump. Long gliding distance.
(メットールS Mettōru S)
No Creates a shield in front of you.
, lit. "Musharoid")
YesB s: Slash comboCuts through electric walls with rapid attack.
No Increases shooting speed.
Quick Boots
Kyūn B
, lit. "Kyuun B")
No Increases speed of movement.
, lit. "Radarroid")
No Creates a shield in front of you.
YesB s: Throw boulderGuards against damage from spikes and rocks.
YesB s: Throw bomb
B t: Roll bomb
Protects against bombs.
Batton Bōn
, lit. "Batton Bone")
No Skelebats bombard the enemy.

Mega Man X8

Enemy DMG[1] Boss DMG[1] Location Description
(ガードロイド Gādoroido)
43Several stagesAxl throws bombs and can salute other Guardroids.
(ローラーロイド Rōrāroido)
43PrimroseAxl can move on spikes and shoot in three directions.
(スカイロイド Sukairoido)
43InfernoAxl is able to hover.
(スフィアロイド Sufiaroido)
43Booster ForestAxl becomes a small sphere able to enter short passages.

Mega Man X: Command Mission*

  • Some bosses have 2 or more codes.
Image Boss Command Description
WildjangoWild Jango
Wairudo Jangō
AXAABYBAPerforms Wild Jango's "Rolling Assault", a thunder-elemental attack that causes between 1x and 2x damage.
Mad NautilusMad Nautilus
Maddo Nōchirasu
AXBXXAXXPerforms Mad Nautilus' "Mad Cocktail", inflicting the enemy with a random status effect.
AXAABAYBPerforms Incentas' "Asura Knuckle", damaging all enemies twice.
AXAAXYYYPerforms Rafflesian's "Sunburst", damaging all enemies 10 times at 200 damage.
AXBXBYAAPerforms Ninetails' "Nine Fragments", damaging one enemy 9 times at 999 damage.
Depth DragoonDepth Dragoon
Depusu Doragūn
AYXAYABBPerforms Depth Dragoon's "Thunder Brigade", a thunder-elemental attack that damages all enemies 3 times.
MachJentraMach Jentra
Mahha Jentorā
, lit. "Mach Gentler")
AXBYYYXXPerforms Mach Jentra's "Flames of Gehenna", a fire-elemental attack that damages all enemies.
SilverhornSilver Horn
Shirubā Hōndo
, lit. "Silver Horned")
AYXYBAYAPerforms Silver Horn's "Tidal Wave", a water-elemental attack that damages all enemies.


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