Babel is an Orbital Elevator and the last level in Mega Man X: Command Mission.


After X and the other Maverick Hunters were betrayed and framed by Colonel Redips, the Maverick Hunter group confronted and battled Redips in his office. Although they managed to heavily damage Redips, he managed to escape to Babel to complete the final stages of his plan: To increase his shapeshifting powers exponentially and become a god. X and company managed to track Redips down to the inner sanctum of Babel, where he was hooked up to a device that was utilized to merge the power of the Supra-Force metals into himself, and confronted his god form, Great Redips, and eventually defeated him after some help from Ferham. Babel then crashed into the ocean afterwards, due to the damage sustained from the battle.


The name Babel derives from the Tower of Babel from the Bible, which was a major construction project created by the early humans in order to get closer to Heaven, but it was stopped by God introducing different languages among the groups of people as he viewed the construction of such a tower as blasphemous. This also ties in to Redips' plan, as he intended to become a god at the top of Babel. It won't be the last time in the Mega Man series that something will be named after the Tower of Babel, either, as the soundtrack theme for the destruction of Slither Inc HQs in the ending of Mega Man ZX is called "Babel Tower"


There are 3 items, which are considered as Far East HQ items.

Area Description Item Boxes
Super Strato-Terminal Regular area. Figure Token
Orbital Elevator: Babel None
Teleport Room, Strato-Terminal Regular area. None
Blue Earth Tunnel X's party face Great Redips in this area. Tank Energy ∞
Gain Hyper



It's possible that Babel was later used as the main base of Neo Arcadia, as it was stated in the Official Complete Works to have been rebuilt from an orbital elevator that was destroyed during the Maverick Wars, in which Babel was destroyed in the ending of Command Mission.

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