"This is my destiny!"
—Bad Box Art Mega Man, Street Fighter X Tekken

The Bad Box Art Mega Man is the name given to the rendition of Mega Man in the North American box art from the first Mega Man video game.

Video game appearances

The Bad Box Art Mega Man appears in the Secret Disk Legendary Hero from Mega Man ZX Advent, which says that the Legendary Heroes figures in the disk look more like coalminers in colorful outfits.

Bad Box Art Mega Man was planned to appear as a playable character in the cancelled game Mega Man Universe[1]. Each Mega Man in the game would have different abilities, the only difference revealed is that Bad Box Art Mega Man could fire only two shots at time instead of three.[2]

On January 26, 2012, he was confirmed to appear as an exclusive character in the PS3/Vita versions of Street Fighter X Tekken.[3][4]

Other appearances

This Mega Man also appeared in the Short-Circuits short story from the first issue of Archie's Mega Man comic series that is used to give the comic's address and e-mail for contact. In the comic Dr. Light finished changing Rock into Mega Man, but he says that the upgrade process wasn't pretty, Mega Man being shown with the same appearance of the Bad Box Art Mega Man.


Street Fighter X Tekken biography

Mega Man
Middle Aged Hero!

Known as a Digger, a person who digs up relics from the past for research. He is a hot-tempered man, but has a strong sense of justice and is also very polite. His weak point is that he is easily rattled when backed into a corner. He is always running around in a hurry due to the demands of his partner Roll, and this time he's been asked to travel to Antarctica to retrieve a mysterious box.[5]



Bad Box Art Mega Man's prologue from Street Fighter X Tekken



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